HOLLYWOOD—Well it looks like Diane Jenkins is indeed a master manipulator based on her foes Jack Abbott and Phyllis Summers on “The Young and the Restless.” She is getting everything she wants and having to do very little to achieve it people. For starters, Kyle who was angry, disappointed, enraged and feeling every other possible emotion you can imagine, extended an olive branch to his mother. I mean Diane was booted from the Phoenix Hotel by Phyllis, so Kyle set her up at the Athletic Club and is taking care of her tab people.

How generous right? With that said Diane got into a screaming and slapping match with her nemesis Nikki Newman that was absolutely fun to watch. Whatever happened to the good ole glory days of the soap arena where slapping your foe was staple? It rarely happens nowadays. Well, Phyllis was NOT pleased to learn that the doors are being open for Diane to possibly upend her life, as well as Summer, Kyle and Jack with her return to Genoa City people.

Phyllis is rattled people and Diane may have her foe precisely where she wants her. There is still one problem: the audience has NO IDEA what Diane’s end game is. Is she truly back from the dead to reunite with Kyle and her grandson or is there something sinister in play? Why do I ask? Well, she keeps having these odd run-ins with Victor Newman and it seems she is keeping tabs on people in GC that should not be a concern for her, notably members of the Newman family people.

In addition, to Jack and Phyllis both warning Diane not to cross any lines, it is also worth noting, she seems to know that Phyllis and Jack have reunited which has unnerved both of them, in addition she has bonded with Ashland Locke of all people America. Yes that’s correct, two pariahs in GC may be aligning and that cannot be a great thing. Why? Ashland is fearful that he might lose a grip to Harrison, with Kyle and Summer planning to move back to town. Victor and Michael have aligned that Harrison might be the key to getting Ashland Locke out of town once and for all people, and threats were indeed issued as a result.

Will Victor Newman actually murder his nemesis? Who knows, but with Nikki and Victoria currently out of town there is no telling if Victor will strike when the opportunity is right opening up the door for a golden opportunity to a murder mystery people. We can only imagine as TV viewers. Sally and Adam are working behind the scenes to reunite Ashland and Victoria against Victor’s wishes in hopes of reclaiming his goal of becoming CEO of Newman Enterprises. Careful Adam, you don’t want to betray your father yet again. As for the new Summer, the verdict is still out. She lacks that spunk and fire that Hunter King brought to the role, but it’s been less than a month people. After another month or two, viewers shall be able to make a decision.

Imani has made it clear that she wants Nate. She has wanted him the moment she arrived in Genoa City. However, it finally appears that Elena realizes that a threat looms near her flame in the face of another woman, a woman who claimed the heart of her previous lover: Devon. Yes, the sparks were there for Imani and Nate upon first glance and it’s nice to see the writers actually give a few of these characters a potential story to work with people alas. Noah and Allie are starting to spark, so a romance is in the works between Jack and Victor’s grandchildren. Will they give the kids their blessing or attempt to get them from aligning? Time would tell.