UNITED STATES—Internet is an essential part of our everyday routine.  Do you ever wonder What kind of technologies are used by internet service providers to provide you internet service and if it affects the Internet speed or not? Today you will find the details about the different kinds of internet Technologies that have been there from the beginning and what are the latest advancement which is being made and how it affects your internet speed.

One of the famous writers Tae Yoo writes that ‘internet connectivity plays the role of a catalyst in society and it shares in transforms the economic conditions by providing opportunities to people without boundaries or prejudice’.  Most of the users are not aware of how they can make the best out of an Internet connection because they are not aware of the times of internet connections that are available for them. For instance, hughesnet internet is a satellite internet provider that is providing services even in remote areas for years.

Different kinds of internet connection include,

  • satellite internet
  • DSL internet
  • broadband cable internet
  • fiber optic internet

Satellite internet

As it is clear from the name a satellite internet connection uses satellite to provide internet signals oldest kind of internet connection. If you want to get a satellite connection you will need to have a clear Sky view because a satellite dish will be installed through which you will get your internet connection.  Satellite internet provides relatively slower internet speed such as  HughesNet provides a maximum of 25 Mbps, which is enough if you want to connect one or two devices.

One advantage that you get through a satellite internet is that it gets an uninterrupted internet connection because there is no one else who will be sharing his satellite connection.  A user gets a dedicated internet connection through a satellite.

Hughesnet internet

It is one of the top internet service providers in the US and they provide its services even in remote areas. If you have a summer Home Away From The Hustle and bustle of the city then you can easily get a dedicated internet speed of 25 MBPS through Hughesnet Internet. You can check the details of internet packages that are available around your area where you want the services to be installed on their official website.

DSL internet

DSL  is a shortened form of a digital subscriber line.  Internet service providers that offer a DSL internet connection required as an active phone Jack because it offers internet signals through to a phone line. DSL internet provides relatively higher internet speed if you compare it with a satellite internet connection but,  internet speed can fluctuate if there is traffic in the DSL line.

CenturyLink internet

CenturyLink is a DSL internet provider that offers high internet speeds as the maximum internet speed that is offered by them is 1000mbps.  To get CenturyLink internet services you must have an active phone jack. They offer amazing promotional discount and their required no contracts.

Broadband Internet

Broadband internet connection uses copper wire or a coaxial cable to provide internet services. The users who use a Broadband Internet connection get their internet signal through one channel and due to share lines sometimes user face data throttling issues but Broadband Internet connection provide higher internet speeds up to 2  GB.

Charter internet

Charter internet is a  famous cable internet provider that offers internet speed up to 940 Mbps.  They are presently offering their services in more than 40 states with over a billion user all around the US. There are many benefits of spectrum internet connection such as free internet modem, free anti-virus service, and free access to Nation Wi-Fi Hotspot and for more information, you can visit their official website.

Fiber optic internet connection

Like all the latest technology brings better-enhanced features so is the case with Internet Technologies. The fiber-optic connection is the latest kind of technology that is used by the internet service provider in which the used vacuum glass tube to provide internet service. Through a fiber optic internet connection, there is no issue with internet speed as there are no issues of data throttling.  If we compare the internet speed with that of a Broadband cable connection we can see a visible difference in the performance of a fiber-optic connection because of the technology that is used in it.

Windstream Kinetic internet

There are a few internet service provider that is offering fiber-optic connection and Windstream Internet is one of them. The highest internet speed that you can get with Windstream kinetic internet is 1000 MBPS which gives a lightning-fast Wi-Fi internet speed. The prices are very economical that are charged by Winston Kinetic internet part they offer relatively higher internet speed if you compare it with any other internet service provider. Everyone who signs in as a new internet user.

Wrapping up

We have explained the kinds of internet connections that are available in the market and one of the best Internet Service Provider of each type.  If you go for the latest kind of technology will get a higher kind of internet speed but it also depends on the availability in your locality.