WEST HOLLYWOOD—Dirk Shafer, 52, filmmaker and former centerfold of Playgirl magazine, was found dead in West Hollywood on March 5.

Shafer was found in the front passenger seat of his car at approximately 11:45 a.m. in the 1300 block of North Laurel Avenue.

An autopsy is being conducted to determine the exact cause of the star’s death. According to reports, there was no evidence of trauma, drug, or alcohol use.

Shafer became a centerfold for Playgirl in 1992. He then wrote and directed the 1995 mockumentary “Man of the Year.” The film was about his experiences as Playgirl’s Holiday Man of the Year and how it has shaped his life as a gay man.

He was a trainer at Liddy Health and Fitness in West Hollywood before his death occurred.

Shafer was also a celebrity trainer. He trained with Eric McCormack, Katy Perry, Tiffani Theissen, Olympian Greg Louganis, James Garner and Richard Dreyfuss.