HOLLYWOOD—Yeah, if this is the angle that the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” is taking for May Sweeps, I can officially say I am disappointed people. I mean for starters, the mystery person that Sheila had been emailing turned about to be Finn’s father, Jack? Wow, just wow because that was the biggest letdown I can think of. Please tell me exactly why Jack, who happens to be Finn’s father, would help Sheila get out of jail? For starters, Sheila tried to kill his son, tried to kill his wife and a host of other things. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Ok, we did discover that Jack is apparently some top-notch defense attorney in California, but he has no reason to help Sheila unless she blackmails him with something the audience has no knowledge about. I guess Sheila was going to attempt to seduce Jack into helping her, but he turned down her advances for now. Something tells me Sheila is going to pull a rabbit out of her hat and find a way to get out of jail and that is when the fun will begin. The only problem is that I’m having trouble finding anyone who has a brain cell that would help this woman without her having a secret over them.

I’m still stunned that Sheila hasn’t disclosed to Brooke that Thomas was the person who knew she swapped the non-alcoholic champagne with actual champagne and kept it hidden for months that ultimately led to Finn and Steffy’s shooting. That could be a tidbit Sheila could drop that would have some serious ripples for the Forrester clan.

Let’s talk about Thomas, since everyone in the world seems to think he has changed except for Liam. Liam as I have stated before has every reason to be weary of Thomas, he has burned him and Hope more times than one can count. Simply put, Hope was desperate to save her fashion line and Thomas was the only person who could come to the rescue, until now. More on that later. Thomas and Hope are just glowing at one another, you’re great, no you’re great, NO, I’m sick of hearing this mess already people. When did Hope go completely from not trusting Thomas, having NO FEELINGS AT ALL, to having this lust for this guy? It is just poor writing.

The flirting between these two is so obvious anyone with a pair of eyes should be able to spot it. Steffy Forrester caught a glimpse of Hope flirting with Thomas, and the problem is that Hope has no idea how dangerous this is. Steffy confronted Hope with viciousness and it was clear she knew Hope had feelings for Thomas. Hope denied it of course, but Steffy is no idiot.  Thomas has had an obsession with Hope forever. So the thought of him having a chance with her will warp his mind and not for the best. That obsession could come flying back and before you know it all chaos will erupt.

Liam will be flabbergasted if Hope betrays him with Thomas of all people, and I could see a custody battle for Beth in the works if Hope decides to crossover to the dark side. Is it nice to see Hope let that guard down? Yes, but with Thomas of all people? If the writers are pushing the idea, it is a given that it is going to happen. It is only made more tempting with the notion that Hope and Thomas are going out of town to San Francisco on business that has sent alarm bells to Liam, as well as Steffy, who hasn’t conveyed to her former husband what his current wife is up to.

That tension is building, in addition to concerns that Ridge might be looking to bring another family member, RJ into the Forrester fold. Yeah, RJ has some talent as a writer, one that could prove a massive challenge to Thomas who thinks no one can compare to what he does. RJ might be that person, and oh, that is a story I would love to see if Hope realizes Thomas isn’t the only person who sees her vision, her little brother might have the skills to deliver fashion that not even Thomas can do.

This is the story “B&B” needs to be focusing on, not this Hope and Thomas lust that was stagnant for years and now it is so explosive Hope is fantasizing and thinking about Thomas while kissing and making love to Liam. Liam open your eyes your wife is hiding something from you, why can’t you see it!