UNITED STATES—You may be surprised to hear this, but I’m quite good at wrapping Christmas gifts, I have been as long as I remember. I think it comes as a direct result of me taking my time when it comes to wrapping gifts. However, as I get older my patience to wrap gifts is starting to wane. Why? I don’t know.

However, there are people who wrap gifts and there are those who place gifts into bags. I used to be someone who would refuse to bag gifts, but in 2021 I bagged nearly everything I could because I simply did not want to wrap gifts and I sort of waited till the last minute.

However, as we near Christmas for 2022, I am getting back into the spirit of wrapping gifts, but at the same time I still plan to bag a few things. Why? There are just those gifts that are impossible to wrap. I mean if you can place it into a box and then wrap that is great, but if the item cannot be boxed, then the only option you have is to bag it. Let me be crystal clear I do not use bows.

I have never used bows and nor do I have any inkling in 2022 to use bows either. I guess it makes the present look nice and pretty, but I don’t care about nice or pretty. My focus is making sure the gift looks neat. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to wrapping. I like to use sharp, crisp scissors that provide an even cut. I like to utilize scissors that allow me to cut the wrapping paper with ease and fold, crease and tape without any frustration along the way.

I’m not a fan of thin wrapping paper that can easily tear and make it near impossible to wrap a gift without holes or obvious tears to the person you’re giving the gift to. However, the big thing that comes to mind each time I think about wrapping a gift is the amount of paper that is going in the trash. That wrapping paper is not being saved, it’s ripped apart and tossed in the trash. This happens every year. Think about how much wrapping paper we throw away each Christmas America.

It has to be so much I cannot even calculate in my head the amount of waste we’re allowing. With that said, we also have to consider the notion how much money we can save by not purchasing wrapping paper. However, if we did that we would simply use that money to purchase gift bags. With that said you can always reuse the gift bags so that is a plus people. What you didn’t use in 2021, you can reuse to gift in 2022 and whatever you have left over for this year you can use again in 2023 and so forth.

As long as the bag is not damaged and you haven’t written a specific name on the bag its reusable. If you used a gift tag to write a name, just place another gift tag over that name. Who is going to know? Exactly! I guess what I’m saying is be useful with the resources that you have. Don’t be wasteful if you don’t have to be America. Let’s do our best to conserve and save as much money as we possibly can with inflation just rising and rising by the minute. I mean go to the grocery store if you’re uncertain about how saving a buck or two matters. Trust me it really does.