LOS ANGELES— In the wake of George Floyd’s unfortunate death, Los Angeles Dodgers manager has spoken out. In a phone interview conducted on Tuesday, June 2, Dave Roberts said our country’s leaders need to start listening.

In the interview, Roberts took time to shed light on his late father, Waymon Roberts, as he fought these same fights in the 1950’s and 60’s. At just 18 years of age, Waymon enlisted and served in the Marine Corps for 30 years while facing continued racial injustices. Dave is now the first black manager in Dodgers history.

“These are the same fights people are fighting to this day. It’s disappointing to see my generation and the generation prior failing the younger generation. And that’s what’s really sad. You always hope for progress, but that just, unfortunately, isn’t the case.

“For me, the leaders of our country, unfortunately, aren’t good listeners and that’s how you impose change. People of color want to be heard. And when you have leaders that are put in positions to make change and don’t want to have those uncomfortable conversations, then change isn’t going to happen. There’s a difference between being educated and being ignorant. You have to understand that these situations happen every single day to people of color.”

In 2019, Roberts was the only black manager in Major League Baseball and is now one of two, along side Houston Astros’ Dusty Baker.