SAN PEDRO CLIFFS— On April 2, At 7 p.m. a dog and their owner were rescued by the LAFD. The 13 year-old dog, Zumba and his owner, Sean Kennedy, 52, can be seen reuniting with each other in the video. Kennedy was trying to retrieve the dog after he fell from a 30 foot cliff. He told the reporter he was thankful to the LAFD for their response.

The area is considered dangerous and many have fallen to their death at the cliffs. Landslides are common in the area and much of the cliffs are cordoned off to the public.

Carl Cooper, former superintendent of the Pacific Region for the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks stated in 2015, “We’ve had everything from people falling [and] having broken bones, We’ve had a number of deaths out there, some by suicide, some by people slipping…sprained ankles to head injuries.”

On January 6, 2007 kicker for the University Of California Mario Delano fell to the death at the cliffs. Danelo’s autopsy toxicological report found he had a 0.23 blood-alcohol level at the time of his death. In October 2014, 15 year old teenager Anderson Bard was found dead at the bottom of the cliffs. His death was ruled accidental.

The spreading of Donny’s ashes in the 1998 film “The Big Labowski” was filmed at The San Pedro Cliffs. The season one finale of “The Walking Dead” was also filmed at the cliffs.

The LAFD report on the incident stated “Ground-based LAFD firefighters, including those specially trained and equipped for Urban Search and Rescue, were able to safely utilize a harness and rope system to safely access and lower the stranded though uninjured 52 year-old male – and his (unknown age/breed) pet dog, from the steep cliff behind his home, to the beach 30+ feet below. They will be assisted to walking to the cliff top and their home via a nearby trail.”