SANTA MONICA—A Santa Monica resident’s dog collapsed during a walk after consuming an unknown amount of Oxycodone said to have been found at the park they were at on Sunday, August 14. 

“All four legs were fully extended. He was panting extremely hard. He looked up at the sky,” the owner, Lori Burns said.

Burns took the dog to an emergency clinic in West Los Angeles shortly after the symptoms started. They found that the dog had a fever on 106 degrees and then they extracted a urine sample where vets found that the dog had traces of the drug in its system. 

The dog spent 24 hours in the pet hospital and survived but is now blind. Vets were uncertain if the dog would be able to live or not. 

Veterinarians say toxicities are common in pets and the ASPCA operates an animal poison control call center 24 hours a day in case there’s not a clinic nearby. That number is 888-426-4435