BRENTWOOD—Detractors and supporters of presidential candidate Donald Trump gathered outside the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel on July 10.

Observed by police and media outlets, the demonstration was largely peaceful. Trump’s detractors (a group of about 80) crossed the street to allow Trump’s supporters (a group of around 50) to claim the sidewalk by the entrance to the hotel.

The detractors lined the block across the street from the hotel, waving signs and chanting. Many of the signs on display were mass-produced, emblazoned with “No Hate in LA” in the style of a newspaper title page. Some had added personalized subheadings, including one that read “I’m not a criminal, I’m a dreamer.” As the crowd chanted “a la basura Donald Trump,” a team of two ran up and down the line, dipping a Trump piñata into a trashcan.

Closer to the hotel, Trump’s supporters carried their own signs and a few American flags. Of the signs, “Stop Illegal Immigration” was evident amongst the supporters. One homemade sign, carried by a person in a shirt printed like the flag, read “Trump Tells The Truth.”

No altercations or arrests were reported.

Trump arrived at the venue in an SUV with heavily-tinted windows at a little before 8 p.m. He declined to meet with either assembled group before entering the hotel to attend the dinner hosted by the conservative Hollywood group Friends of Abe. Along with right-leaning Hollywood locals, noted conservative pundit Ann Coulter was rumored to be in attendance.