SHERMAN OAKS—On December 24, porch pirates (thieves who steal packages) were captured on surveillance footage (doorbell camera) stealing four large packages containing bar stools.

ABC7 first reported that the homeowner, Heath Banks, was new to the neighborhood.
He’s only lived there for three months. The bars tools were not supposed to be delivered until after Christmas. Santa must have come to the Banks home early this year.

According to UnMask, Heath Banks lives at 4029 Darvana Road in Sherman Oaks. Earliest reports indicate that the theft may have taken place as early as 3:35 p.m. on Christmas eve.

“It’s really sad that we live in a city where this type of crime runs so rampant that you can’t even get a package delivered to your doorstep without fear of someone picking it up and walking away with it. I try not to have anything delivered when I’m not home, it just kind of slipped through the cracks this time,” Banks stated.

The surveillance footage was aired on multiple news outlets and has been posted on YouTube with a good description of the culprit.

Mr. Banks indicated to reporters that the credit card company is currently working with him to file a claim for lost or stolen merchandise.