HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe the writers on “The Bold and the Beautiful” are traveling down this path yet again. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone with this constant rehashing of the love tale between Liam and Steffy and Hope. Yes, it looks like the love triangle is about to come front and center once again. This saga has been ongoing for years, and has to be one of the worst narratives the soap has stuck to. I mean just when the audience thinks it’s over, the writers want to find a way to bring it back front and center.

I’m screaming to your face right now: we DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS AGAIN! Liam belongs with Hope, he always has and Steffy was just a hiccup along the way. I mean after the reunion of Hope, Liam and Beth I thought it was the final nail in the coffin for any possible reconciliation with Steffy and Liam. However, Liam being the noble one decided it was best to allow Steffy to continue to bond with Beth, without Hope’s knowledge, which led to a war of words between the two ladies.

More because Liam refuses to tell Steffy that he is with Hope, even though the entire world knows it’s true. Steffy you were mad at Thomas for keeping the baby swap secret, imagine your face when you learn he drugged Liam, which is the reason Liam slept with you. Liam was not in his right mind when he bed you. Steffy and Hope traded spars over Liam and Beth, and Liam immediately came to Steffy’s defense, and rightfully so, but Steffy did not lose as much as Hope lost.

This woman thought her baby was dead for months, not to mention a ton of people knew and didn’t say a single word during the process. I mean Steffy you should have known something was up because no adoption happens that fast and quickly. I’m done talking about this; it’s a narrative that if we travel down this road again, I might push the pause button on “B&B” for a while.

Let’s talk about the narrative that matters: Katie learned that Flo was her donor. Yes, Katie, Brooke, Donna, Hope and virtually everyone else beyond Shauna and Flo were shocked with the reveal. I am indeed glad the writers didn’t keep this secret. Just pull the band aid off and let the chaos unfold. Brooke, while thankful was not willing to open her arms back to Flo because of her generous donation. Ditto for Hope, however, Katie was really moved by Flo’s gratitude and shared a few words that left in tears.

Shauna I think was stunned that Flo wasn’t immediately welcome back into the Logan clan. I think in due time things will get better, I mean Wyatt is already warming up to his ex. So if you give her an inch, she’ll take a mile. Sally should be concerned people. However, the tale of the hour is the constant downward spiral of Thomas Forrester. How? Ridge, and the rest of the world cannot see that this guy or as I call him, this kid is not unstable, baffles me.

Zoe sees it, but feels like she is the victim in her father’s scheme; ok, why is this character still on the show? Vinny KNOWS Thomas has a few marbles loose, but he’s doing his best to remain loyal, Steffy has to be loyal to her brother even though his actions blew up her life. This guy just gets pass after pass America.

Ridge your son kept an explosive secret, played a role in the death of another person, was obsessed with a woman who didn’t love him, has scolded and terrorized his son, wrote fake letters, blew up your late-night tryst, should I continue? He has firmly set his sights on destroying the Logan women starting with Brooke, and has let Zoe (nice to see you again), in on his plans. Zoe doesn’t seem too bothered by Thomas’ behavior, but she should be if you ask me. I mean the guy has a list of people he wants to take out and with him learning that Hope and Brooke are fighting to take Douglas away from him it will only make things worse.

Thomas flew into a frenzy, words were exchanged and battle lines were drawn with Ridge standing by his son’s side. I mean Thomas has been actively working to get Shauna to help him dismantle Brooke and Ridge’s marriage and it’s slowly, but surely working. However, Shauna should tread lightly because if she succeeds in making this happen, she will make an enemy out of Brooke that will never go away, as well as with the Logan women.

Right now, “The Bold and the Beautiful” is losing too much steam, we have a custody battle, where Liam seems on the fence about becoming a parental parent to Douglas, while Hope and Brooke are firm, friction in Brooke and Ridge’s marriage is about to snap in ways that you cannot imagine. Simply put, I’m bored with the tales being told right now. Let’s hope things quickly change in the next week with November sweeps fast arriving.