UNITED STATES—San Diego family physician, James Veltmeyer is renewing his efforts to recall Governor Gavin Newsom.

Dr. Veltmeyer, who ran for Congress in 2016 and 2018 is part of a second group to join the August 2019 attempt to unseat Governor Newsom.  Veltmeyer publicly circulated a petition to recall the politician and is circulating a petition against Newsom again.

On the recall Newsom website, Veltmeyer states:

“Every legislation, every law that [Newsom] created and is proposing is undermining the safety and dignity of our Californian people.”

Veltmeyer has cited illegal immigrants obtaining free healthcare and the state of California becoming a sanctuary state for his efforts to remove Newsom from office.

“We are going to be saving half a billion dollars and we would be helping our citizens. Governor Newsom led California to become the first state to offer taxpayer-funded healthcare for young adults living in the U.S. illegally.  They can have any procedure done,”  said Veltmeyer. “What happens when they leave the hospital?  No debt collection agency. There is no bill.”  

“If you claim tomorrow that you are here illegally, it will benefit you, because you don’t have to pay taxes,” Veltmeyer added.

Details regarding California’s new individual healthcare mandate can be found here.

Senate candidate, Erin Cruz attempted to recall Governor Newsom in August 2019. Only two petitions to recall Governor Newsom are active. Dr. Veltmeyer has raised $48,000 through his Californians to recall Gavin Newsom Coalition website.  Cruz raised an additional $5,000 through the RAN Action Fund.  California officials requested that those signing the petitions sign both petitions and noted that the signatures of the two petitions would not be added together.

GOP Member Shawn Steel Signs Petition To Recall Governor Newsom

According to the Recallnewsom.us, the California Republican Party confirmed on Monday, December 2, that it is backing two campaigns to recall Governor Newsom.

“Last weekend, the CA GOP Board of Directors voted to support both recall efforts at the urging of many of our supporters due to the severe lack of leadership in Gavin Newsom has provided on serious issues facing California,” said California Republican Party Chair, Jessica Milan Patterson to Politico in a statement.