HOLLYWOOD—Things are indeed erupting on “General Hospital” as a direct result of the murder of Kiki Jerome. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, there is nothing like losing a beloved character that can ramp up the narrative in a way that you never expected. Ava is spiraling out of control, Julian has finally been given a story of some substance (lately he hasn’t been doing much if you ask me), and Griffin is in the hot seat like never before.

As smart as we want to believe the authorities are in Port Charles, they aren’t that bright in my opinion. Why do I say that? The fact that Jordan and Chase even suspected Griffin of murdering Kiki was beyond ludicrous. This is where at times I wish Anna Devane was still the Police Commissioner; not just because she is close to Griffin; she knows to look deeper than the obvious evidence. People can easily frame or plant evidence against someone, and Sam the private investigator, managed to deliver some ammunition to help Griffin out.

So it is now a known fact a killer is on the loose in PC, but it seems only District Attorney Margaux Dawson realizes that the killer is right under Jordan’s nose. Gosh, this is when I wish Margaux was the actual Police Commissioner because she would solve the murder quicker than these morons. This brings me to Kiki’s funeral which, while emotional seemed slightly tame. Ava didn’t know how to grieve so as a result, she started to lash out; however, she picked the wrong person in Carly Corinthos., who wasn’t afraid to bark back.

I would be lying if I didn’t note the dichotomy these two women share; both have lost their children at an early age. Both were murdered in heinous ways and in the oddest way Ava Jerome is the focal point in both of the deaths. If Ava hadn’t tampered with Morgan’s meds, he likely would not have spiraled. With Kiki, if Ava found a way to deal with her rage instead of confessing it to notorious killer Ryan Chamberlain, he would have never targeted Kiki. There is one silver lining in this murder; Kiki managed to injure her attacker, and Ryan has been working to cover that scar which is apparent on his wrist.

Ryan seems to enjoy musing around town as if he has NO IDEA who killed Kiki (knowing it was him all along). Laura is so close to getting the truth to explode, but she just needs to have that killer instinct. She is literally on the cusp of the truth coming out, but it just hasn’t happened right now. Do I suspect Laura to be the one to discover the truth about Ryan? Without a doubt yes, but the question that remains is who will be Ryan’s next victim, and will that target finally put the residents of Port Charles in a frenzy realizing a serial killer is lurking and anyone and I mean anyone could be a target. Carly has tipped off Ryan in a major way with the name ‘Wilson’ and her constant desire to learn more details about the person next door to her in Ferncliff. She should be careful because if Ryan thinks his identity is on the cusp of being exposed there is no telling what he might do.

The bullying storyline involving Aiden and Charlotte is starting to heat up, with Lulu and Valentin on the same page that Charlotte’s behavior has to be addressed, while Nina wants to sugarcoat the fact that this little girl is no angel to say the least. Just imagine how things will erupt with Liz learns that Lulu’s daughter and Laura’s granddaughter is the one torturing her son. I feel even worse if Franco learns before everyone else. This only becomes more interesting for Valentin who finds himself being blackmailed by a nefarious party. More on that later.

The writers keep toying with this idea of Drew’s memories, but nothing has come of it. Now that Margaux has handed over that flash drive it seems like the possibility of truth regaining his memories and whatever secrets he holds to light. Just as Oscar has finally come around to seeking treatment for his cancer, It would be horrid if the writer’s did go thru with plans to kill off Oscar right now, especially now that the truth is out in the open. We also have to chat a bit about Anna and Finn’s ploy to draw Dr. Obrecht out of hiding.

Well, it worked, but Liesl is not going down without a fight to say the least. We all know that Finn injected Britt with a drug to cause her to become deathly ill, and Liesl while no idiot fell for the plan. Look, there has to be something bigger the powers that be can give Finola Hughes than this seeking justice for Peter storyline. I mean when was the last time that Peter actually had a conversation with Anna? He’s too busy getting closer to Maxie, in what is one of the most obvious soap niches to date. Lover dies, widow get closer to lover’s family member and a new relationship is born.

I love that Valentin is in the crosshairs of Dr. Obrecht who knows that Sasha is NOT Nina’s daughter and she plans to spill the beans if he doesn’t help her out of her dicey situation. That means just as Anna thought she nailed her nemesis; the evil doctor gains the upper hand. The question that matters to me is rather Liesl knows WHO Nina’s daughter is? Stay tuned as I’m certain that news will soon come to light.

I guess I’m frustrated with “General Hospital” right now. It seems like when things are picking up in a major way, the foot is taken off the pedal instead of allowing it to move at feverish speeds.