MALIBU—On Thursday, August 27, a car drove off of Malibu Canyon Road and fell 200 feet, killing the driver. The incident occurred at about 7:00 p.m., north of Palm Canyon Lane.

The part of Malibu Canyon Road where the crash reportedly occurred.
The part of Malibu Canyon Road where the crash reportedly occurred.

The car is reported to be a Blue BMW sedan. Authorities were alerted about the accident when the car’s Sirius satellite radio sent out an emergency signal. The male driver of the car, who has not yet been identified, was pronounced dead at the scene. There was no one else in the car at the time of the crash. The vehicle is located south of Piuma road, according to The Malibu Times. After the crash, Malibu Canyon Road was closed Thursday night, causing traffic delays, and was re-opened Friday morning.

Canyon News spoke with Officer Tang, the Public Information Officer for the California Highway Patrol’s West Valley Division, who said that the body was being recovered at the time the call was made, which was 11:50 am Friday morning.

“We got a notification that there was a vehicle over the side, and then it was determined that due to the location of the vehicle, that it wasn’t safe for us to go down there at the time that we were notified, so we waited for daylight,” he said. “Where [the car] is situated is very precarious.”

In aerial footage of the crash taken by CBS 2, two rusted cars are visible around the totaled BMW. When asked if this was evidence of that particular portion of Malibu Canyon Road being especially dangerous, Officer Tang said it was not.

“I don’t know how those other the vehicles got there…the vehicles may have been down there for a long time, and they just weren’t removed due to the location. If we tried to remove the vehicles, it may cause more damage to the environment, or it [could be] too costly for the taxpayers to remove it.”

Officer Tang said to expect an update on the incident by Monday, August 31.