UNITED STATES—[12:09 PM, 7/29/2021] John Probandt: I have been staying in Dubai for the last few months and have observed something amazing. There is no longer the fear of COVID-19 in Dubai.  People are making money, staying healthy and having fun. Dubai should be applauded by the world for their stance on COVID-19. It is interesting that in Dubai they have taken an aggressive approach on the COVID-19 front. The goal in Dubai is simple: To create herd immunity.  Dubai Requires that all people must be vaccinated. Once they achieved success in vaccinating the entire population, both citizens and the economy have once again operated as normal. The strategy allows vaccinated people to get sick as part of the process of creating herd immunity.

Many people believe if you get vaccinated that you are immune. This is not true. The vaccination does not keep you from getting COVID-19. What it does do, is it reduces the chances you will catch it. More importantly, the vaccination helps you in recovering rapidly, should you still post-vaccination develop COVID-19. Actually, this is similar to the flu approach. As long as I can remember each and every year I have gotten the flu shot. I still get the flu, but I always quickly recover.

Let me touch on the anti-vaccination movement in America. For these anti-vaccination people, I would advise a simple experiment. Take a moment and read the potential side effects of any medicine and most likely you will stop taking it. Potential side effects exist with all medications and most are very scary. I once did read the inserted side effects of a medication the doctor prescribed. I almost did not take it. Then after slowing down and using common sense I came to a logical conclusion. The doctor is trained and trying to help me. I took the medication and quickly recovered. I look at the COVID-19 vaccinations the same. The FDA is a no nonsense group and I trust them.

When you look for things wrong, trust me you will always find them. It is my strong opinion that the benefits of the vaccination far outweigh all potential negatives. By not getting the vaccination you’re not only hurting yourself but also endangering the health of others. The vaccination and the Dubai strategy is in my opinion the only fast answer to world economies recovering. The strategy is also the solution to reopen and keep the doors of all types of businesses fully open. Let me touch on one more very concerning issue and that is “Mental Health”. Millions of people around the world are suffering and even becoming suicidal due to the continued lockdowns. The Dubai approach is the answer to help with all of these very serious issues.

The results in Dubai are interesting. Everyday 1500 to 2000 new cases are reported. No panic, no closings, and COVID-19 is not even talked about. They have found that almost everyone who is vaccinated and falls ill also fully recovers. The interesting thing is that people who are categorized as high-risk patients even recover. Only the extreme high-risk patient’s such as hospice care are actually dying. The vaccination is very effective and it is the best path in returning the world to normality.

Dubai seems to be the only country in the world handling COVID-19 correctly. This is not a new approach. There exists over 100 years of vaccination science used in successfully eradicating disease. Let people get sick and then allow the community to develop herd immunity is a proven method to rid the world of this and that disease. Of course, before the vaccination was available this would not have been a good approach. At that time “pre available vaccination” Dubai like most places in the world locked down. But once the vaccination could be given to everyone they opened up and they have stayed open.

The vaccination it is a game changer. The mistake many people make is that they believe that because they previously had COVID-19, that they do not need the vaccination shot. This is wrong thinking.  The vaccination adds further protections to everyone. Being vaccinated is your safeguard even if you already suffered from COVID-19 and recovered. No matter what, everyone should be vaccinated to both protect themselves and other people.

The vaccination is the only way to have freedom and enjoy a normal life once again. Vaccinated people in Dubai are once again are enjoying a return to a pre-COVID-19 lifestyle.  The entire world should be embracing and following the Dubai model.  The fact is that COVID-19 and its various mutations are here to stay for many years. COVID is not going away anytime soon.  The Dubai model is the answer to the world returning to normality. The Dubai approach is removing the panic and fear that has for too long paralyzed the world.

Written By John Probandt