OAKLAND—Dub nation set off fireworks across the NBA landscape on the 4th of July, when superstar Kevin Durant ended months of speculation and frenzy by signing a two-year deal with the Golden State Warriors, for a reported $53 million for two years.

After the devastating NBA Finals loss, the Warriors were heartbroken as everything from their record setting 73 victories during the regular season, to Stephen Curry earning the unanimous MVP award was all for nothing.

Down 3-1 in the finals, the Cavs found a way to shatter the dream season for the Warriors as the team captured their first NBA title. Lebron James carried the team to a title and Golden State was left scratching their head for answers.  Well, Allen Iverson was always called the “answer,” but after the signing of Durant, the newest Warrior may have a new nickname.  He is by all accounts a rare commodity, a near seven foot player who can hit the three, rebound, block shots and lead the break.  He is the prototype of the “new” type of NBA player who can do it all.

The addition of Durant also means that their will be four all NBA players on the same team, drawing comparisons to past big three’s such as the recent rendition of the Miami Heat, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Boston Celtics. But the noteworthy exception to this is that FOUR?! players of this caliber can be on the court together at the same time is drawing both positive and negative reactions from the rest of the association.

Many can be seen as just sour grapes, or on the flip side that the competitive balance is not being maintained.  BOO HOO. Dub Nation has already has been forced to let go of Harrison Barnes for salary reasons and Andrew Bogut, the former #1 overall pick.  After being injured during the recent NBA finals showed that he indeed was a factor inside with his shot blocking.

They will be sent to the Dallas Mavericks, many outlets reporting this. However when a player of Kevin Durant’s magnitude is available, it is a no brainer.  He is considered the second or third best player in the world, many considering him the best with his unique blend of talents. He led the OKC Thunder to a 3-1 advantage over our very own Warriors in the Western Conference Finals before a comeback was manufactured by the young men from Oakland. And young? They all are all in their twenties with their best years before them.

This is seen as a team that cannot be beat, the odds on favorite in Las Vegas to reclaim their title.  If everyone stays healthy a projected starting lineup of Splash brothers, Green and Durant on the court seems like a match-up nightmare to say the very least.  Welcome to the Bay Area to our newest Golden State Warrior-Kevin Durant.