HOLLYWOOD—This week on “Dancing With The Stars” it was time for ‘America’s Switch-up.’ For week five celebrities switched pro partners with one another. Fans voted and paired celebrities with different dancing partners. The episode featured guest judge Maks Chmerkovskiy.

The first couple to kick-off the night was Wanya and Whitney. They danced the tango. They had a live performance of James Bay singing the song “Hold Back the River.” Len thought the couple “cruised along in the routine” and it “hit turbulent waters.” Maks believed that there were “great expectations for the couple and expected better.” Bruno was glad that the couple didn’t hold back in the routine and “gave us complex steps.” Carrie Ann missed the natural chemistry that is present with Wanya and his original partner Lindsay. The judges gave them a score of 30/40.

The next couple that danced was Kim and Keo. They danced the Viennese Waltz. Kim missed her friend and teammate Sasha. Maks thought it was a “beautiful performance,” but it wasn’t Viennese Waltz. Bruno thought the routine was “beautiful pictures in a romantic novel.” He did think that it needed “more spins and turns.” Carrie Ann loved the routine and thought it brought out something new in Kim. It “brought out a side we haven’t seen,” Len criticized the dance. He questioned the hold in the routine. He compared dancing to like driving a car. The pair was given a score of 28/40.

Doug and Peta were the next to dance. Doug had trouble with memorizing parts of the routine. He “has to repeat things to remember it.” The couple danced the tango. Bruno thought the routine “wasn’t all gold, but wasn’t bad.” He believes the issue Doug is having deals with the musicality and he believes that he has to trust his partner and enjoy the music. Carrie Ann loved the partnership and thought it had new air. Max thought it had “great movement and it was full of tango.” The judges gave them the score of 28/40.

Ginger was paired up with Mark. Ginger’s husband Ben came to watch them practice. They danced the salsa and had live salsa music for their performance. Carrie Ann believes Ginger is someone to watch in the competition. Len thought the routine was fantastic. Maks was sold by the performance. Bruno was full of excitement from the routine. The couple received a 32/40.

Nyle and Sharna danced the Viennese Waltz. This week Nyle was worried about his scores that he would receive this week. Tyra Banks visited Nyle during practice. Tyra wanted to “remind him how amazing he is.” She was also present in the audience. Carrie Ann cried while watching the routine. She felt like Nyle “took her breath away.” She also believed that he has an “advantage by telling stories with his body.” Len thought the dance was fantastic. Maks thought the dance was the best one for the night. He also thought it has so much musicality. Bruno enjoyed the dance. The judges gave them a score of 37/40 which was the highest score for the night.

No couples were eliminated during the night. Next week a couple will bid adieu on the dance floor, we could even possibly see a double elimination America.