PACIFIC PALISADES—Residents of the Earlham neighborhood in Pacific Palisades are protesting the construction of three proposed 10,000 square foot homes with pools along the edge of Potrero Canyon Park.

Each proposed house is 6,500 square feet, with 3,500 square fee of basement being built on an area of around 12,000 square feet. Locations for the homes are expected at 15210, 15214, 15218 and 15222 in the Earlham neighborhood at the loop on Lombard Avenue between the intersections of Friends Street and Earlham.

A public hearing was held on December 5 in West Los Angeles to discuss two key aspects of this issue, which included: Notice of Decision on a Local Coastal Development Permit (CDP) and the environmental impact of the houses being constructed.

The Palisades News reported that Earlham neighbor Art Levin, one of the 20 attendees at the hearing, said that the average size of houses in the neighborhood are 2,500 square feet. He added that the largest house at the present is 7,500 square feet and he compared the proposed four-story homes to cruise ships.

According to the Palisades News, Earlham neighbors Mike Sultan and Brett Bjornson provided numerous documents indicating the area’s instability to Los Angeles City Planning Associate Griselda Gonzalez, who presided over the hearing.

In October 1993, Potrero Canyon Park Project faced similar opposition from the members of Potrero Canyon Association. The Project Director Kathleen Chan received letters from the association explaining the problem with Earlham, as they believe the lake underneath the area is an underground stream.

Harlan Hogue, a DePauw resident for 43 years, has witnessed numerous landslides in the area and said these “mega-mansions” may not be suitable for this area while addressing the land’s instability.