UNITED STATES—We have already had the conversation about dining out versus cooking at home. We know which one is going to save you a bit more money. With that said, in 3 days I could not believe the amount of money I spent on eating out and it wasn’t like I did it for every single meal single day. It was for a different meal each day.

I spent more money eating out that I could have utilized to pay a bill, purchase some groceries and do a few other things. It truly rocked my mind, just realizing that perhaps I could ease back on dining out. One day a burger and baked potato for lunch was $20, then I had a quick lunch a fast-food chain that was $20 the following day. The day before I had dinner that was less than stellar and it was $17 and then Sunday lunch was another $20. I easily spent $80 and I keep asking myself was it worth it?

The simple response was no. I think I could have better utilized that money on other things. I don’t think there is anything wrong with dining out here and there. With me it is something that perhaps 2 maybe 3 times a week, I try to limit it to 2 times a week. I’m not one of those people eating out at least ONCE a day 7 days a week, I think that is way too much.

Can you imagine knowing what people are spending who eat out daily and for more than one meal a day. Easily $300 to $500 a week if not more especially if you have kids to feed. That is literally an electric or gas bill for the month, a car note, insurance, the cellphone or Cable bill and other expenses. What is the problem? We know inflation has taken a brutal beating on the wallet, but it seems the restaurant industry is taking things by storm.

I mean I have yet to go to a restaurant besides McDonald’s where you can get a drink of a decent size under $2. If I go anywhere else they are charging $3.50 to $4 for a drink, a drink America. You can go to the Dollar Tree and purchase a 2 liter of soda/pop, juice for $1.25. The industry knows you’re going to pay for it, so why not capitalize on it during the process.

One of the establishments I ate at charged me for the containers that I got for my takeout dish. Yeah, I could believe it, but it transpired. Were the containers nice? Yeah, but to charge me an additional $2 with my meal for those containers just baffled me. Then tack on the tipping element and that is a whole other headache. I’m not tipping for every single thing. No, no, no, it just isn’t happening. A tip is when you get service, if its fast-food or fast-casual, I’m tipping you. I’m not sitting down and actually eating the dish at hand, so forget it.

Growing up, eating out was a treat for the family, it didn’t happen always especially when you have multiple siblings. As I have aged, I realize the price to eat out is just costly. You truly reflect on rather the food you’re about to eat is worth the price you’re spending or if those funds can be better suited elsewhere people.