HOLLYWOOD—Eddie Murphy has announced that he will be returning to “Saturday Night Live” for its upcoming 40th anniversary special. It has been 31 years since the comedian/actor was on the show.

The last time the Murphy made an appearance on SNL was in 1984. In an interview with News One, Murphy said that it never worked out where the timing was right for him to continue doing the show.

Murphy’s absence also had to do with tense relationships he had, including with cast mate David Spade. According to philly.com, David referred to Eddie as a “falling star” on the show, which Eddie took as a career shot.

“They were s**tty to me on Saturday Night Live a couple of times after I’d left the show. They said some s**tty things,” Murphy said during a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone.

He was a cast member on SNL from 1980-1984.

NBC will be airing the show on February 15 at 8 p.m. with a red carpet special starting at 7 p.m.