UNITED STATES—By utilizing text-to-speech platforms users are able to convert any form of written wording into a speech that they can listen to. While this certainly has advantages inaccessibility, it also has many understated uses in the field of education and learning. This is because at a young age developing reading skills is critical, and with text-to-speech platforms, the tools that students will rely on in the future can be learned in more unique ways.

Helping Students Learn and Grow

Students begin their reading education very early on, but it is not always an easy thing for all students equally. Sometimes students with learning disabilities or ones who come from different countries and aren’t as familiar with English will have a harder time keeping up with their other peers learning all the necessary materials they need to be equipped with the right reading literacy level. With text to speech platforms, they can help students learn this material more quickly by allowing them to hear the words that are written and to understand the meaning of those words because they are being explained to them in a format they can actually hear. For example, when students at an early grade level first learn the vocabulary they need to learn the proper pronunciation of words, and how these words fit into sentences via context clues. With many different words having the same meanings, like ran and run, but having different uses depending on the sentence, listening to these words in the context of a sentence can help denote one from the other so that in the future they will know the correct context of the word.

Students would normally learn this through constant repetition of reading and by reading other sentences that would help them differentiate meanings of certain words from other ones. This is where the problem comes in for students with disabilities or ones who are not as well-versed in the language. This is why a text to speech download can be helpful because instead of having to call on a teacher to let them hear that, they can instead use this kind of software to learn the meaning and hear it all on their own. This would be very helpful for teachers who cannot always be everyplace at once and can help students develop more independence while learning.

As students grow and take on the challenges of higher education, these platforms can also be used to help them learn and study more complicated material in ways that make their busy days a little more convenient. For example, a college student with a long commute could utilize a text to speech platform to read aloud their textbook sections to them while they are driving to class, saving them time while ensuring that they don’t fall behind despite not having as much time as their peers.

Text to speech platforms provide versatile uses in education and throughout all ages, they can be useful in helping students learn more, learn faster, and better connect with the meanings behind the words that they are reading