UNITED STATES—Well, its Wednesday morning and there are plenty of Americans who are thrilled with the results of the Presidential election, while many are upset and feeling defeated that their candidate did not win. The American country was on the brink of making history if it elected its first woman to the Oval Office, but unfortunately that will not transpire in 2016. The American public voted for Donald J. Trump to take over what many consider the most powerful position in the country.

So the big question so many people are asking right now is how did this business guy with no political experience whatsoever get elected to office? I honestly don’t have the answer to that question; I do believe yet again that polls are vital. I wish the notions of polls are completely thrown out. Polls are not reliable and always have levels of error in them that can be misleading to the American public, while also pushing a specific agenda.

Voter turnout appeared quite high on the Republican side, but why are so many people surprised. This is the United States, this happens all the time in the world of politics. Go back to 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected to office and served for 8 years, after his succession George Bush took control for 4 years, before Bill Clinton took control for 8 years. Are you seeing a pattern people? Yes, Americans rarely keep a particular party in office for longer than 8 years; there is always a flip flop pattern.

Right now, it might be a struggle to get out of bed, to go to work, to even watch the news, which is inundated right now with the election results. Yet, the thing that Americans have to remember is that we still have a DIVIDED NATION! Donald Trump might have won the electoral votes to grasp the presidency, but more than half of Americans did not vote for Trump, but for Hillary Clinton. Trump will now have to eat many of those bad words that he echoed during his campaign, and he will have to aim to bridge the gap and try to connect and serve those people who weren’t fans of the candidate.

This is something of importance to discuss. Rarely do we see a candidate actually bridge the gap between both sides; this is something that would be a welcome change in the world of politics. Seeing both Trump and Clinton deliver speeches asking for unification from all Americans regardless of how angry, divided or concerned about their future is a sign of hope, but actions do indeed speak louder than words.

I will admit the day after any election when things don’t go in your favor is always a bad thing, but it does get better in due time people. All is not lost, this is America, a country where the people, who will be certain to let their voices be heard if the so called CHANGE they are asking for hasn’t been implemented.

The Republicans have control of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. You better believe with all that power if things are not done, we will see a shift in power in 2018 when plenty of seats in Congress from the Senate and House of Representatives are up for grabs. You might feel blue today, but come Thursday, Friday or even Saturday those spirits will brighten up. Time heals all people, time heals all!