UNITED STATES—Yes people it’s that time of year again, Election Day has arrived and its time to perform our civic duty. For so many of us, we don’t consider the seriousness of being able to vote. For so long, certain individuals were denied their right to cast a ballot. Others lost their lives or were viciously attacked while attempting to do so. While it may not be a presidential year, that doesn’t dismiss the importance of voting or not.

So many people fail to realize that local politicians have more of an impact on their lives than the President; you might be voting for mayor, city council, governor, district attorney, judges, and the list goes on and on. So many of us base our vote on “word of mouth” or what other people do. Stop it, educate yourself on the candidates; know what they stand for, what they stand against and rather you trust them.

Not only is the question of rather you like them important, but if you believe them is perhaps the most important. Politicians are known to be trained liars. How do you know? Pose a question and see if you get a direct answer or if they deflect the issue at hand.

Someone being elected to office should not have a single trepidation about putting everything on the table. The public has that right to know it. Someone who is being elected into office to represent the “people” should not be afraid to be asked tough questions or to hear what the people want to have resolved.

I can’t stand when newspapers and TV stations endorse candidates. You are attempting to tell your readers how to think without allowing them to make that assertion on their own. It’s not right!  These companies will endorse or not endorse a candidate based on potential funding they might receive from actual advertising campaigns and money. I’m guessing when money is involved; morals have no direct effect on anything.

Do not be hindered to vote because of bad weather. It’s raining outside, so what. It’s just a few raindrops, many of your ancestors and relatives may have endured far worse things to have their voice heard.  Time should not be an issue either.

If you have a busy day vote in the morning, at lunch or after work, but get it done! Do not allow anyone to intimidate you while at the polls. You have legal rights and should be aware of them. Voting should be fun, the more you tell yourself that and educate yourself on what is happening in the political arena you instill an important message to your children.

So many of us like to believe 1 vote can’t make a difference, but you’d be surprised just how powerful 1 vote truly can be.