UNITED STATES−There are multiple states where official results for the General Election on November 3 has not been reported.

As of Thursday, November 5, former Vice President Joe Biden is reported to a total of 264 electoral votes compared to President Donald Trump’s 214 electoral votes.

The state of Arizona was been won by Republicans in 2008 for Senator John McCain, by Mitt Romney in 2012 and President Donald Trump in 2016.

In the state of Arizona, Apache county numbers voted Democrat Mark Kelly over incumbent Republican Martha McSally.

Divided by county, Arizona shows Mohave County as 69,830 votes for Trump compared to Biden’s 22,980 votes.

Navajo county was a victory for Trump with 24,445 votes and Biden with 21,374. Gila county had a total of 16,753 residents voted for Trump and 8,398 votes for Biden.

Graham county shows a Trump win with 10,602 votes and Biden with 3,999 votes. Greenlee county has 1,954 votes for Trump and a total of 1,039 for Biden.
Cochise county saw Trump win 26,443 votes compared to 18,740 for Biden.

Yavapai county has Trump winning with 84,386 votes and Biden with 47,164 votes. Pinal county has President Trump winning with 79,120 votes, while Biden earned 60,094 votes. Coconino county was a win for Biden with 38,710 votes and Trump earned 21,684 votes Apache county showed a Biden win at 13,979 and Trump with 6,715 votes.

A total of 31,758 of Yuma County residents voted for Trump and 27,256 for Biden. Maricopa shows 912,585 residents voting for Joe Biden and 838,071 for President Trump.

Santa Cruz has a total of 12,321 Biden votes and Trump with 5,589 votes. Pima County showed 278,52 votes for Biden and 179,059 votes for Trump.

The population of Pima County, Arizona in 2019 was 1.047 million

Michigan voted for President Trump in 2016 and for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Nearly the entire state is depicted red, but it is recorded as a Biden win with a large majority of the population of the state located in the southeastern region.

A rough count of approximately 73 counties voted for President Trump while Marquette county shows a Biden win with 20,465 votes or 54.6 percent and 16,288 votes for Trump or 43.5 percent.

Leelanau County came out for Biden with 8,793 votes. Kent County has 187,753. Saginaw had 51,068 votes for Biden. Genesee county cast 120,082.  Oakland 438,147. Wayne County 587,074. Washtenaw County 157,130.  Ingham 94,221, and Kalamazoo with 83,674 or of the vote for Biden.

President Trump won Wisconsin in 2016. Former President Barack Obama won the state in 2008 and 2012. Fourteen counties were victories for Biden. The remaining counties (approximately 70 in all) in Wisconsin were won by Trump.

Some states reported that they stopped counting at approximately 10:00 p.m. on November 3, while others counted through the night. More obtained help in counting by the Army National Guard.

Biden spoke publicly on November 4, announcing his expectations to win if he reaches 270 electoral votes. The Trump campaign is ready to file claims of voter fraud that have been alleged in several states.