AMERICA — Seattle police arrested 11 people on Tuesday, September 15, after a group of demonstrators damaged properties and businesses, according to the Seattle Police Department (SPD).

A group of between 20 and 30 individuals gathered near Denny Park for an anti-police rally/demonstration shortly after 3 p.m. As the group moved along 5th Avenue, “some in the group began committing property damage on businesses, including damaging windows and tagging businesses with spray paint,” police said in a news release. 

Police officers then proceeded to arrest those damaging property around the avenue, but other demonstrators began intervening in the process. Those, in turn, were also taken into custody, police said. 

While making the arrest, police deployed OC (pepper) spray on occasion. Officers also recovered items such as bear mace, spray paint, a collapsible baton and a knife from the individuals arrested. 

Knife, bear mace, and collapsible baton among items recovered — a parking meter was painted and damaged (Photo: Seattle Police Department).
Damaged parking meter (Photo: Seattle Police Department).

Arrested individuals were transported to the West Precinct of the SPD and then later booked into the King County Jail for malicious mischief (felony property damage) and obstructing police. 

One person among the arrested was taken to a hospital after complaining about an injury.