CALIFORNIA—Sollis Health, a private New York medical concierge company, announced its expansion to Los Angeles five months earlier than scheduled due to the coronavirus, as noted in a press release from Monday, July 6.

“The company is planting its flag on the west coast five months ahead of schedule in order to offer coronavirus assessment and care and kick off a house call service that can offer members a safe alternative to a medical facility,” Sollis Health said in a statement.

Sollis Health does not take insurance or Medicare, but operates on a yearly membership ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 for a private E.R. experience. Members have no wait times at Sollis Health facilities and can stay with their doctors for as little or as long as they like. Sollis charges additional fees for certain medical services such as X-Rays, stitches, IVs, EKGs, and more.

With Sollis’s move to Los Angeles, they are first announcing a COVID-19 membership program. The company writes, “With L.A. County under strict social distancing guidelines, Sollis’s arrival gives residents new testing and care options.”

The COVID-19 membership package includes a free COVID-19 house call and PCR test with a 24-hour turn around time, a free at-home antibody test, and access to Sollis’s at-home COVID-19 management system. The package also includes 24/7 telemedicine and house calls that do not need to be COVID-19 related.

Co-Founder Ben Kruger spoke on the need Sollis fills in Los Angeles saying, “Even though testing is ramping up in California, what’s more difficult to find is home testing coupled with comprehensive care.”

In fall 2020, Sollis plans to unveil the rest of their Los Angeles services, including “a state-of-the-art 24/7 medical center in Beverly Hills, an exclusive network of specialists, and unlimited consultations with top physicians.”

Dr. Scott Bronstein, a board-certified physician, will run the new Los Angeles service. He most recently worked with the LA Rams and worked for over 20 years at hospitals including Cedars Sinai and Kaiser Permanente.

“When I saw how much Sollis was pioneering best practices around coronavirus testing and care, I was excited to bring their approach to a city that needs it… Sollis has been able to help their patients and ease the burden on New York’s health care system, and my goal is to do the same thing in L.A,” said Bronstein about the new position.

In New York, Sollis Health operates two members-only medical rooms in Tribecca and the Upper East Side, and also offers house calls in the Hamptons.