UNITED STATES—On Monday, April 25,, Twitter Inc. (NYSE TWTR) announced they entered a “Definitive Agreement,” to become an entity owned by the finance tycoon, Elon Musk for $43 billion to own 100 percent of the company and taking the platform private.


Complete financials and details on the purchase may be found via a Cision press release that stated:

“Mr. Musk has secured $25.5 billion of fully committed debt and margin loan financing and is providing an approximately $21.0 billion equity commitment. There are no financing conditions to the closing of the transaction.”

On April 11, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced that Musk would be turning down Twitter’s earlier offer to an appointed position as Twitter’s newest board member. Musk offered to purchase Twitter outright.


On April 2, Investopedia listed entrepreneur, Musk as the Top Ten Richest People in the world. He is the founder, lead designer, and CEO of Space Explorations Technologies (SpaceX), founder of Neuralink, founder of the Boring Company, co-founder of Tesla and Pay Pal.

Elon Reeve Musk, 50, was born to an electromechanical engineer father, Errol Musk, a native of South Africa. His mother, Maye is a model from Canada. He has one sister and one brother.

Musk briefly attended the University of Pretoria in South Africa prior to moving to Canada at 17. He attended Queens University in Kingston, Ontario before transferring to the University of Pennsylvania to study economics and physics.

Elon and his brother Kimbal founded a company called, Zip2, which was later sold for $307 million.  He shared stories of him and his brother being broke and having to sleep on a sofa in the office, telling media sources, they showered at the YMCA.

Elon served on Trump Advisory Boards until he and the 45th President parted ways over different views about climate change.

A three-time divorcee, Musk fathered 5 sons with his first wife, Canadian author, Justine Wilson. The couple lost their first son to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

He later married British actress Talulah Riley. He had a sixth son in 2020 with his third wife, a Canadian musician, Claire Boucher also known as, “Grimes.” They also share a daughter.