BEL AIR—Elon Musk sold his Bel Air mansion to a Chinese Billionaire for $29 million on Friday, June 19, according to public records cited by the Wall Street Journal.

In a series of tweets back in May, Tesla’s CEO announced that he’d be selling “almost all physical possessions.” 

“Don’t need cash. Devoting myself to Mars and Earth. Possession just weighs you down,” he added.

Now, Musk’s actions show the same. The buyer is William Ding, real name Ding Lei, founder and CEO of NetEase, an internet technology company founded in 1997. NetEase is one of the largest gaming empires in the world. It is dedicated to mobile gaming, e-commerce, advertising, and email services.

Musk bought the house for $17 million in 2012, from Mitchell Julis, the co-founder of a hedge fund management company called Canyon Capital Advisors. Overlooking the Bel-Air Country Club, the 16,251-square-foot mansion has 7 bedrooms, 11 baths, a two-story library, a home theater, a tennis court, a wine cellar, a gym, and a pool. 

Musk currently owns five other Bel-Air estates along with a 47-acre compound in Hillsborough community, Northern California.