LONDON—At Kevin Spacey’s criminal sexual assault trial that occurred on Monday, July 17, in a London courthouse, Elton John testified in defense of the actor regarding the charges.

Spacey, 63, is facing 12 charges, including four counts of indecent assault, seven counts of sexual assault, one count of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, and one count of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent. He has plead not guilty to all charges against four men for incidents that occurred between 2001 and 2013.

John who is an artist most known for hits like “Rocketman,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” among others, testified remotely confirming the alleged victim who is an “American Beauty” star only attended one of Spacey’s annual gala parties in 2001. As he was giving his testimony, he appeared alongside his partner David Furnish from his lawyer’s office in Monaco.

According to reports, John is the most high-profile witnesses to be summoned so far in this trial.

One of Spacey’s alleged victims claimed the actor assaulted him while the two were driving to John White Tie & Tiara Ball in 2004 or 2005 which was held annually to raise money for the musician’s AIDS foundation. Spacey denies ever attending the event that year.

According to the alleged victim he was driving him to the ball when the actor grabbed him so forcefully, he almost ran off the road. He later explained that he may have gotten the year wrong of when the assault occurred.

The accuser explained that Spacey had fondled him over several years beginning in the early 2000s and the incident where he almost ran off the road was the final occasion. He alleges that he threatened to hit Spacey and then avoided him.

According to Spacey he respected the accuser wishes once he found out he was straight but that they were engaged before romantically.

John was asked about Spacey’s appearance at the event in 2001. He answered that Spacey had flown in last minute to attend the event and that the star had stayed the night at their home in Windsor after the ball concluded. John added that Spacey provided a red Mini car for the event’s charity auction.

Furnish explained that to his knowledge, Spacy had only ever been a guest at one of their balls which was back in 2001. He said that there was no chance of Spacey attending another without having been photographed.

“It was understood we were promoting a charity involving the eradication of stigma surrounding disease,” he said. “For celebrities wanting to come to our event, it was always understood they needed to be photographed.”

Prosecutors asked John about a photo of him leaving London’s Victoria Palace theater after a Billy Elliot performance. He explained that he didn’t notice anybody else and that according to his photo he was staring straight at his car. “Anyone who is on my periphery, I wouldn’t notice them. It could be the Queen, and I wouldn’t notice her,” John said.

Spacey’s attorneys have labeled the case against him as weak and that the alleged victims are lying and overexaggerating their stories.