UNITED STATES—When the warm weather dwindles down and is replaced with frigid winds and grey clouds, it’s not as tempting to leave the house. Staying indoors doesn’t have to make you restless with cabin fever until spring arrives — you can make sure that your home feels like a wonderful vacation away from the cold by embracing hygge.

What is hygge?

Hygge is a Danish concept that focuses on coziness and comfort in order to feel happy, especially during the colder times of the year. The cultural staple in Denmark has spread beyond the country’s borders, influencing people around the world to follow suit.

Living rooms should be filled with warm knit blankets and candles, shelves should be stocked with thick books and board games, and kitchen cabinets should be brimming with tea, coffee and sweets. The goal is to turn your home into a private sanctuary where you can be relieved of any stress or worry — when you follow the hygge lifestyle you need to prioritize relaxation and enjoyment above all other things.

How can you practice hygge?

Other than decorating your home with soft blankets and pillows, you should also take up activities that will help you feel calm. One hobby that can be a wonderful creative outlet while helping you get new home décor is knitting or crocheting — it’s often compared to meditation when you can lose yourself in the tranquil process.

Go to Yarnspirations to find amazing cable knitting patterns for blankets and throws that you will want to drape over your living room couch, your armchairs or your bedspread when you are finished with the final stitch. The website has a wide range of Bernat Blanket yarn patterns that you can follow while listening to music or while casually watching a show on television. One of the best ways to practice hygge is to invite your friends over to do a craft while talking and drinking hot cups of tea or cocoa — as long as you have enough materials, you can knit together as a group.

If you aren’t skilled with a pair of knitting needles or crochet hooks, pick another quiet hobby that can make you unwind after a long day. Reading books or magazines can lower your heart rate and stress after only six minutes.

Journaling is a good way to cope with anxiety, ward off depression and take on healthy emotional habits. Many people use their journals to write down what they are grateful for in life, which makes them happier.

Some other activities that reduce stress and that fit in with the hygge lifestyle that you can try are listening to soothing music, drawing in adult coloring books, playing with your pets and spending time baking in the kitchen.

People like to hole up indoors on miserable days, wrap themselves in blankets and sit in front of a crackling fireplace with a cup of tea. Instead of waiting for stormy weather, treat every day of the colder seasons as an opportunity to stay warm, get lost in activities and relax.