CALIFORNIA—A group named the Animal Rescue Mission or ARM, has established an emergency response plan in an effort to help pet owners who contract coronavirus as first reported by ABC 7 Friday, May 1.

Shira Scott Astrof, the founder of ARM said in an interview with ABC 7 that “There’s directions for how to put together a two-week emergency kit for them. And then basically, should you get sick, and you will text us or email us. And immediately that would send one of our volunteers up to their home and get their animal, or however they needed our help in any way.”

On Animal Rescue Mission’s website, a pet owner can create a profile of their pets specifics, for example: type of food, medication, handling care, or any other directions necessary for their pet or service animal.

“It’s scary if you get sick right now and all of a sudden you have to leave and you know, people don’t have backup plans or, you know, a lot of people in LA they don’t really have family,” says Shira Scott in an interview with ABC 7.

Animal Rescue Mission started back in 2018 as a rescue for dogs, cats, and farm animals in the Los Angeles area but has quickly adapted into fostering for those in need during this pandemic.

This is a non profit program and links can be found on their website if one wishes to donate or volunteer.