BEVERLY HILLS—The city of Beverly Hills issued an emergency order banning public gatherings of more than 10 people in residential areas. The order was issued Saturday night, June 13.

The gatherings are prohibited from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. until further notice. “Silent” gatherings and certain personnel — law enforcement, fire department, health care providers, and others — are exempt from the order, according to the city’s statement.

The order comes after a June 12 protest in an residential area of the city, which began at 10 p.m. and continued until approximately 1 a.m. 

The protest was conducted by a group called “Occupy.” According to the city’s statement, the protest included “bullhorns and amplified music.” Videos of the confrontation between protestors and police were shared on Twitter.

The city deems “necessary in the interest of public peace and safety to restrict the use of residential areas of the City during nighttime hours in order to enable the residents to sleep.”

A previous local emergency was ratified on June 5 after being declared on May 30 following “acts of violence and property damage.”

The city defines ‘residential areas’ as parts of the city that are not located in the Business District region. 

In the order, the city defines the Business District area as “the alley of Wilshire Boulevard on the south, the southern border of Beverly Gardens Park on the north, and Crescent Drive on the east; La Cienega Boulevard (north and south) south of Wilshire; Wilshire Boulevard east of Crescent Drive and west of Santa Monica.”

The statement notes that police will arrest any person who fails to obey the order “after due notice, oral or written.”