Any mention of hormones can be a touchy subject for aging men and women. As we become older, deficiencies in our hormone levels begin to drop.


Modern science has found ways of treating these waning (and completely natural) responses from the body, and a deficiency in growth hormone is now regarded as a great concern—particularly for women.


Maintaining a healthy weight and figure is hard enough for a fit lady, never mind one whose body has taken a turn for the worse that simply can’t be avoided in many cases.


Growth hormone is made up of 191 amino acids and is produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. It’s responsible for the production of IGF-1, a protein tightly linked with a human’s anabolic growth.

With that said, a fall in growth hormone levels can lead to a raft of issues, listed below:


  • Mid-section weight gain
  • Significant energy loss
  • Low sex drive
  • Reduced cognitive function
  • Restless sleeping patterns
  • Decreased immunity
  • Bone density and muscle loss

As you can see, the effects of low growth hormone levels can be of extreme concern to any woman, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit there and accept it.


Addressing The Issue

The scientific community has come to accept that not all talk of steroids or hormone manipulation is wrong. In fact, perfecting these treatments could be as beneficial as all the positive gossip that revolves around, say, stem cell research.

Hormone specialists who provide a breakdown of the ideal dosage for women seeking Human Growth Hormone therapy, first of all, will tell you as much as he could about therapy before you decide to start it.


It’s important to note that controlled dosage is the key to HGH Therapy, and it is noted that “larger amount than specified by the doctor, you entail a weaker effect of the injection and do not allow the body to get used to the drug and its actions.”


The medical personnel are often perturbed with questions like what are the effects of growth hormone? Well, the procedure of replacing human growth hormone offer human beings with some positive health benefits and they are as follows:


  • Noted for enhancing the physical capacity of the individuals by triggering the production of collagen in their tissues and tendons. There is a prominent improvement in the muscle mass and body strengths.
  • Injecting the human growth hormones regulates the mineral content in the body and intensifies the metabolism rate, which in turn leads to speedy regeneration of bones. Thus, it could be effectively used to heal the fractures.
  • HGH are noted for being extremely advantageous to obese people, who are looking forward to losing their weight. These artificial components break down the lipids, which causes loss of visceral fat. It actually could be used as therapeutic treatment by anyone, who wants to slim down.
  • Adults, who have HGH deficiency, may also suffer from cardiovascular issues. By using human growth hormone injections , these individuals could have altered the metabolism rates, which may, in turn, decrease their cardiac problems and increase their life expectancy.
  • Deficiencies of HGH are highly responsible for erectile dysfunction and loss of libido in the males. Studies have shown that about 35 healthy adults and 45 with erectile dysfunction administered with synthetic HGH were subjected to visual and tactile stimuli, which in turn led to stronger sexual desire and penile erection.
  • Human Growth Hormones could also lead to skin rejuvenation and would offer you relief from issues like wrinkles, fine lines etc. Both males and females, who use HGH continually, could bid a goodbye to hair loss, greying, bald patches, thinning hair and receding lines.

The more serious potential side effects of HGH treatment include bloating and increased glucose levels, but given the extent of the problems caused by low growth hormone levels, many may agree the pros outweigh the cons, which are by no means guaranteed to occur.

Advances in technology and science have opened doors previously missed out on, and HGH treatment is one of those avenues that could restore you as the fully fit and healthy person you wish to be.