UNITED STATES—Since Thomas Paine is considered the founder of the United States, I propose he was the first PRO-AMERICA Activist! That is, he was someone who wanted America to be as we are still working on: UNITED with fairness and equality for all.

There are plenty of activists with unique and individual causes, but it seems to me that pro-America Activists would be interested in the good of every American, with an eye toward the future for all humans and creatures living within her borders.

One simply cannot only advocate for their own group or topic while turning the cheek to the suffering of others, that’s not American. That’s PRO-your group name here. To me that’s the difference between a Pro-America activist and an American activist.

Thomas Paine believed that all Americans should enjoy life, liberty, and individual rights: something we may be working on, but still have much to do. He was labeled a “pamphleteer” and I like this because it shows how activism was never successful by JUST picketers. Activism is memorable when writers or videographers get involved to memorialize and SPREAD the message.

In the old days, writing was always left behind by activists to raise support for those wanting America to be free of anti-American practices that are opposite of freedom, like; slavery, arranged marriages, and child labor. Here’s an example from a group who had to PUSH for parents to stop working their children into RUIN:

courtesy Wikimedia
courtesy Wikimedia

It should come as no surprise that our country has sparked such a large number of activists, each fighting its own controversial issue or cause.

For me it’s the civil rights activists and humanitarians that are trying to spark the CHANGE for all, that are  Pro-America activists. Fighting to help guarantee our safety, children’s rights, preservation of a safe and uncorrupted environment to thrive in. All things necessary to make America as great as it can be.

Instead of having a cohesive American Ideal, we have a bunch of festered branches of ideals that are so corrupted, we now let foreign nations come in and dictate what religious content and American holidays WE ARE ALLOWED to celebrate in our American schools.

Political correctness leaves us an open target with problems on our soil reminiscent of the chaos-filled regions that these terrorists are coming from. I have never been a conspiracy theorist, or even believer in Bigfoot, but I now believe that anti-America terrorists want to take away what we know as America.

Perhaps turning it back to the archaic days where things like choosing who you love isn’t allowed.

There is a most recent pro-America activist that you may not think of as one but I SURE DO. Whether you like him or not, I believe Trump‘s unquestionable commitment to this country will establish an AMERICAN IDEAL that we can once again be proud of. I can just feel it!

Many of us are PRO-AMERICA activists, even if others wouldn’t agree. It seems that because people like me don’t actively participate in the physical aspect, we are called armchair activists, keyboard warriors, or even “slactivists.”

As Huffington Post’s Abby Rosmarin says: times have changed and WHO IS TO SAY that the act of continually getting people to talk about a subject by WRITING, isn’t a valuable part of activism?

How can one say that using time to make something like the image below isn’t a 21st century type of activism?:

judy carleyWe need to stop letting people delegitimze our small efforts because we cannot compete with those coordinated “bigger” efforts. It is making our youth grow to give VERY LITTLE effort in this “all or nothing” culture. Remember, collecting 1 million dollar bills makes you have 1 million dollars.

Biography Online thinks authors and writers are “champions” for their causes and I of course agree. The causes that drive me can be read about here, here, and here. (See Also 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Basically, I believe children’s rights are being trampled on, in violation of the UN declaration of human rights. Free and equal people cannot be created in this atmosphere.

I cannot possibly write about PRO-AMERICA without mentioning the most famous group of activists our world may ever know: Anonymous. They should probably be considered defenders of the earth, since they are truly for the GOOD OF ALL and keep trying to provide a level playing field for the weaker of us. Anonymous Twitter here.

Did I mention a brand new writing that claims they hacked into ISIS Twitter accounts? Click here for that.

In closing, I would like to say that whether you picket against corrupt government officials that are hindering the GREAT of our country, you march against society-killing violence, or you just keep writing or making videos about pro and anti-America topics in the hopes you will get into the head of ONE important person someday: keep being PRO-AMERICA because every bit helps! AND THANK YOU.