HELLO AMERICA!—Acclaimed motion picture actor Danny Trejo grew up as a young tough kid in a rough Los Angeles neighborhood. There was a daily diet of drugs, booze and scenes of human survival which eventually landed him behind prison bars.  That’s when Danny began to discover a different way of living and thinking.

“I was determined to take a different path; I didn’t want to spend a life listening to bars clanging day and night and the painful sounds of human life struggling to resist what they could not change because of the law,” said Trejo.

Once Danny was released again into the free world, he decided that he would change the direction of his life.  “While in the Pen I watched some really good films as well as read a lot of books. I got caught up watching a lot of off-beat characters in many of the movies that was shown to us.  And suddenly, I realized that I identified with a helluva lot of characters in several of the films. The stranger your look was, the more the audience was into you! And any western or gangster movie that had bad guys like this attracted a young audience and that was and still is a major market. That’s when my life took on a different turn.”

He met a few industry people who suggested he get some photos taken to show agents. “Whatever that was suggested, I did. The more I found out about the business, the more excited and determined to keep punching, no matter how many doors might be shut, there was always tomorrow.”  He even found time to get on a studio lot when one of his buddies was working on a film.

“I suddenly became really hot for the production of films,” he offered. “I was fascinated with watching the lighting setup, a functioning set of colors and sound complimenting characters whose job is to make fantasy real on every level.  I loved the idea of playing a character, but the real creative power lies with the writer and producer. Suddenly, my mind was flooded with stories I could show the world, it made me even more determined to become a functioning part of the film industry.”

Even though it didn’t happen overnight, but eventually Trejo’s dream came true.  He not only helped thousands of young people battle drug addiction but produced several films based on his and their stories of survival.  His powerful presence on screen began to get notice from Hollywood producers and directors which resulted in his being signed for such films as: “Once Upon A Time in Mexico,” “Machete,” “Sons of Anarchy”, “King of the Hill,” “Breaking Bad,” all top notch films which immediately placed him on the A-List of actors.