MELROSE—Justin Caffier, a creative writer for Vice, sent out a tweet to the public on Monday, June 26, announcing a private mural. The mural was created to promote the upcoming comedy show called “Like & Subscribe” set to be released on July 19, on Go90.

Individuals looking to view the mural must have either a verified checkmark on their social media account or at least 20,000 followers. The qualifications led some people to voice their opinions on Twitter.

One person tweeted: “LMAO this has got to be a joke right.” Another individual tweeted: “What kind of permit allows you to block a public sidewalk?” One person tweeted: “I love this…”

Justin Caffier wrote an article in Vice about how Alex Marinett sent him an email selecting him to post the tweet. While he did not have the 20,000 followers needed to enter he did have a checkmark next to his name. The exclusive mural is guarded by security personnel who checks each person’s social media for access.

For those looking to take their Instagram-worthy picture, the mural can be seen at 7753 Melrose Avenue. The expected end date is July 27.