Exotic Animals May Be Ousted From City

SANTA MONICA—Rare and exotic animals have become a fixture at Palisades Park and Santa Monica pier, where tourists and locals alike often gather to see beasts ranging from snakes to monkeys.

According to a number of Santa Monica city officials, these popular creatures and their owners are becoming problematic for the city. Phil Brock, chairman of the Santa Monica Parks and Recreation Commission is pushing for a ban of street acts involving exotic animals.

Exotic animals
Snakes, birds, and even monkeys have become fixtures of Santa Monica pier and Palisades Park.

Following restrictions imposed upon Venice Boardwalk street performers, Santa Monica has experienced an influx of such animal-related acts.

According to Brock, the ban isn’t intended to prevent citizens from bringing their animals to the park, but rather, the solicitation of money for things such as paid photographs with the animals.

Among concerns cited in the proposed ban are public health issues, including the health of the animals and the performers themselves.

Though the proposed ban would focus upon Palisades Park, the ban would also be universal throughout the city of Santa Monica. The proposal is scheduled to be brought before the city council at its February 28 meeting.