LAS VEGAS—On January 13, big cat illusionist Siegfried Fischbacher, 81, died at the Little Bavaria, a Las Vegas estate shared with partner Roy Horn. Fischbacher was one half of the German-American magician and entertainer duo known as Siegfried & Roy. The duo was known for their appearances with white lions and white tigers.

Fischbacher suffered from pancreatic cancer and was terminally ill. Recently the illustrations underwent a twelve-hour surgery to remove a tumor, reported the Review-Journal.

Dolore, Fischbacher sister spoke on how prior to his passing he was in the care of two hospice nurses and asked to be taken care of in his own space.

“Funeral services will be private with plans for a public memorial in the future,” a statement from Dave Kirvin, Fischbacher publicist.

Fischbacher last appearance was at the dedication of Siegfried & Roy Drive at The Mirage on August 26, 2020.

Just last May Roy Horn, 75, the other half of Siegfried and Roy died due to Covid complications stated in a press release.

The mixed magic and exotic cat duo first met while working on a cruise ship back in 1957 while in Germany. Horn was a waiter and Fischbacher entertained the guest with magic tricks.

The pair routinely sold out of theaters all around the world. That is until the crucial accident that happened between Roy and one of the tigers known as Mantecore, a 400-pound Siberian tiger, drug Roy off stage by the neck during a live show at the Mirage back in 2003. Horn spent the next sixteen years rehabilitating from his injury.

The Siegfried & Roy show at The Mirage production cost was an unheard of $30 million to produce and employed 267 individuals to assist as the cast and crew members.