SANTA MONICA—This month, bus shuttles will be replacing train service on two stretches of the Metro Expo Line, as a result of maintenance and repairs.

According to Metro’s website, during the weekend of February 10 through February 12, bus shuttles will be replacing trains between Culver City and Expo/Bundy. In addition, during the weekend of February 24 through February 26, bus shuttles will also be operating between Expo/Sepulveda and downtown Santa Monica.

The train service will be closed due to Expo Line’s contractor, Skanska/Rados Joint Venture who has a one-year warranty for the items on the line that need to be repaired or replaced. Items in need of repairs include changing and moving closed circuit television cameras near the overhead wires, and adjustments of power cable counterweights and localized track work, Metro stated on their website.

Items needing repair work will require the overhead wires that provide power to trains  turned off for the work to be completed safely. Maintenance work on the train track and systems will be performed during the closure as well.

While Metro explored the option of doing the repairs and maintenance overnight when the Expo Line is not in service, it was concluded that the work would have taken more time and cost 30 percent more.

Metro decided to do the repair and maintenance work during a 2-week period to decrease the impact to train riders and the community.

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