HOLLYWOOD—Sometimes fairytales do come true. A new “Cinderella” film is in the making and will star the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Camila Cabello. The pop royalty songstress will be involved in creating the music for the film. The movie is being produced by Sony, who took to social media to share the news. The story is set to be a modern retelling of the traditional fairytale of the orphaned girl with an evil stepmother- with a few musical numbers thrown into the mix.

The 22-year-old Cuban-American singer was part of the girl group, Fifth Harmony, but is now a solo act. Currently, she is one of music’s fastest rising stars and blew up due to her massive hit track “Havana,” which has been streamed over a whopping two billion times worldwide and is Spotify’s most-streamed song ever by a solo female artist. Her first solo LP reached number one on the Billboard 200 album chart. She will now make her acting debut in one of the biggest fairytale stories of all time.

The new take on the storybook classic will be directed by “Pitch Perfect” writer and “Blockers” director Kay Cannon. The idea for the upcoming movie originally came from late-night host James Corden, known for his popular singing-segment, Carpool Karaoke. Cabello appeared on the show with Joe Jonas in 2017.

Corden will be producing the project with Leo Pearlman, both partners of the film and music production company Fulwell73, known for documentaries such as The Class of ’92, the BAFTA-nominated Bros: After the Screaming Stops and Karaoke. While we don’t know much about the storyline, it will apparently follow some aspects of the enchanting tale.

“Cinderella” has had multiple movie adaptations. Since Disney released the animated classic in 1950, there has been two popular live-action renditions: the 1997 Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” starring Brandy and Whitney Houston, and Disney’s most recent live-action version starring Lily James in 2015. While there is no set release date, Sony has put the project on the fast track for production.

It’s definitely not a waiting game, for “Stockholm” which will be released on April 12 by Smith Global Media. It premiered last year at the Tribeca Film Festival. The movie is a crime drama written, produced and directed by Robert Budreau. It stars Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace, Mark Strong, Christopher Heyerdahl, Bea Santos and Thorbjorn Harr. It is based on the true 1973 bank heist and hostage crisis in Stockholm that was documented in the New Yorker as the origins of the “Stockholm Syndrome.”

What is the Stockholm Syndrome? It’s a reference in which a person is held against their will, but comes to sympathize deeply with their abductor. Back in 1973, 21-year-old Elisabeth Oldgren posed this question to a psychiatrist in the wake of a robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, in which she and three other bank workers had been held hostage from August 23-28.

As the standoff neared an end, police were perplexed by the victims’ concern for their two captors: Despite cops’ orders that the hostages be the first to leave the bank vault in which they’d all been holed up, all four refused. Thus, the phrase, “Stockholm syndrome.” The following year in America, the phrase was associated with the 1974 case of Patty Hearst, the kidnapped heiress turned bank robber.

Hawke stars as the gun-toting ex-con who shuts down a bank. Rapace co-stars as the staffer to whom Hawke’s bandit becomes the closest. Her character, Bianca, appears to be mainly based on Ehnmark, who worked in the loan department of the Sveriges Kreditbank and would become the favorite of criminal ringleader Jan-Erik Olsson (Hawke’s real-life counterpart), whom she would later visit in prison. In Budreau’s film, Hawke’s character presents as the classic, romantic bandit.

Rose’s Scoop: Newcomer Emma Corrin has been cast as Princess Diana in the fourth season of “The Crown.” Netflix confirmed in a press release that filming will begin later this year. Princess Diana died in a car accident in August 1997 and her death sparked an outpouring of public grief.