HOLLYWOOD—You heard about the rumors and it can now be confirmed, that Ava Vitali (Tamara Bruan) has returned to the canvas of Salem on “Days of Our Lives.” The mob lady who made Steve and Kayla lives a living hell and is the mother of Tripp and is back in town courtesy of business she has with Philip Kiriakis of all people. Looks like Philip got into a bit of gambling trouble and has to launder Ava’s families drug money to pay off his debt. What in the hell has Phillip got himself into and what will Victor do when he learns what his prodigal son has been up to.

This is intriguing because Ava has been trying to hide out in Salem, but her scent is being picked up by Zander of all people. Yes, Zander and his love Sarah want to know want Philip is up to and placing themselves in major danger. Why? Ava wants Zander taken care of, and now that Sarah and Zander know where Phillip has been headed they are mere inches from coming face-to-face with Ava and that will change everything if they discover who the partner in crime actually is.

The situation only becomes more complicated because Ava has been chummy with Kristen DiMera. So it all makes sense about that warehouse in Tennessee with all those initials on the door, and I remember seeing ‘AV’ which means that Ava was there and Rolf was busy trying to save a lot and I mean a lot of Salem residents who lost their lives. I wonder if we could see other faces from the past re-emerge? Speaking of Kristen, her little secret involving Eli has come out and thankfully. I swear if this was the writer’s way of trying to push a narrative for Eli and Lani they can do so much better.

Kristen has gotten away with way more heinous crimes and has never paid the price, why the hell should she get a pass because she has a child. Sorry, not sorry, she has received a comeuppance and she deserves to sit in jail for nearly killing Victor and for pushing Haley down that flight of stairs that killed her. You reap what you sew and Kristen is finally getting a taste of her own medicine.

Gwen is still headfast on taking down Abigail Deveraux and the audience does NOT know why. However, she seems tied to Stefano, but all the pieces haven’t been placed together yet for audience to figure it out. Intriguing yes, frustrating, you have no idea. I still have no clue about this Jake and Kate fling. It just is not interesting TV people which is why I’m so happy Gabi and Rafe have returned to town.’ Gabi is great because she can distract Jake and also creates another hiccup for Gwen who has been after Abigail and will have to go against a woman just as wicked as herself.

Oh, Gabi you have indeed been missed, but I wonder what the writers plan to do with Rafe considering Hope is officially gone and off hunting for Ciara people. I’m guessing the writers have something cooked up for the character. We will just have to wait and see what transpires in the coming weeks. This all brings us to the nuptials for Claire and Shawn. They’re getting married, but there is one Salemite who is none too happy: Jan Spears. Jan pulled a gun on Belle as she was preparing for the wedding, and just as the groom was prepared to say ‘I do’ that veiled unveiled Jan. It left Marlena, Claire, Brady and John speechless.

Jan made it clear she took care of Belle, which caused John to flip and nearly strangle her to death. Jan had a masterplan; she wanted Shawn to marry her in order to find out where she has stashed Belle. Oh, Sami if you wouldn’t have brought Jan to town, none of this would have happened, looks like Sami might be returning to town if my suspicions are correct people. Do not fret America, because John nearly strangled Jan and luckily Shawn located his dear love, so all is well for now.

Another development is the fact that Allie has made a decision to pursue charges against Tripp for raping her, even though he has pleaded his innocence. Something tells me that Tripp is indeed innocent and the guilty party feels like Charlie, who seems to be getting quite close to Claire people. Teasers have noted that Chloe is slated to return to Salem, Ciara may not be dead after all and Rafe and Nicole might get close. Hmm, I wonder how Eric and Hope will fell about that?