UNITED STATES—I’ve said this before and I will say this again, family fights worse than anyone you can ever imagine. Blood has a way of cutting you deep in a way that you never expected and the problem is the amount of hate, disappointment and/or anger could reach feverish pitches. You might say where is all this coming from? It involves a bit of a squabble with family members who I had no idea were actually fighting.

I mean one minute you are besties, and the next minute you cannot stand the sight of one another and making matters worse, you are posting things all over social media. This is something that truly pisses me off. Do NOT use social media to air your family business. I do not know why people do it, but I know plenty of people who do and it’s stupid as hell. Why would you want the entire world to know what you’re dealing with and your family dynamics? Why would you put that out there? I hate saying this, but I sometimes wish social media just vanished, that it did not exist because the pressure it puts on people and the amount of drama it brings is unbelievable.

You follow or unfollow follow family members who agree or disagree with your stance on an issue, you air grievances for the entire world to witness, you allow people to chime in on an issue, and like what are you thinking? Those are just some of the questions lingering in my mind. Why as first cousins would you guys engage in such debauchery and stupidity? I don’t get it. When you utter phrases like “You’re dead to me.” Those are words that you cannot take back, and once you let it slip it creates a dagger that is hard to take out.

I was at a recent family gathering and the tension in the room was so thick I could not describe it with words. People were not looking at each other, people were not talking, and I mean NOT a single greeting. It is just uncomfortable to be around and this is family people, this is family and I couldn’t get out the room faster. Do I see a reconciliation with those family members anytime soon? Honestly speaking, not a chance, not anytime soon.

One is vindictive and will strike at the core if needed, the other lives in their own little bubble and doesn’t fully see the scope of things surrounding them. One will take her deepest and darkest secrets IF you told them and sing like a canary, the other will disparage and discredit you in every possible way. It has already gotten nasty and I fear it is only going to get nastier as the days, weeks and months progress America. I’ve had squabbles with my siblings, but we have NEVER gotten to this point where we wish death and everything unfathomable on them.

Blood finds a way to cut deep because I think people know it will hurt you and it will indeed hurt you, but the problem is you want to forgive you have that love, it’s not like you can just slice people out of your life. You are tied by people because of blood and as a result you want to forgive, but your ego won’t allow it. You want to forgive, but your pride says don’t do it. However, when people die it forces you to reflect: do I want to let this rivalry continue and not be able to forgive and forget before it’s too late.

That is something I want people to think about. When someone is gone, they are gone, you cannot rewind time, so figure out a way to air out your grievances where everyone does not know your business and you find a way to be the bigger person no matter how bruised your ego may have been. Family is family people you cannot change that.

Written By Jason Jones