HOLLYWOOD HILLS—The mountain lion who attacked and killed a small-leashed dog on a walk on November 9, is believed to be the celebrity mountain lion, P-22.

P-22 Eating Photo Credit, NPS

Surveillance footage captured the attack. A dog walker, who chose to remain anonymous was walking two small furry animals near the Hollywood Reservoir at Creston and Duran Drive when he felt a tug on the leash.

The dog walker told KTLA, “I turn around and I just saw a face. I didn’t know what it was. He had Piper in his mouth. He didn’t growl at all. I didn’t hear him. I never had a chance.”

“Piper,” the dog killed by the mountain lion, was a merle-colored Chihuahua mix. The other dog was unharmed.

The owner of the dogs, Daniel Martinez, was out for the evening at his daughter’s birthday party when he received a text from the dog walker.

“The mountain lion attacked and took away your dog. Killed your dog.” At first, Martinez told reporters, “We thought it was a joke. It turned out to be real. We were just shocked.”

Martinez does not wish any harm to come to P-22. “I just want people to be safe out there so that nothing like this happens again.” He and his wife were saddened to lose their beloved Piper.

“My wife and I got Piper in 2014. We rescued her and she was just the sweetest dog. We’re just devastated at the loss of our little dog,” Martinez stated.