HOLLYWOOD—I argued last week, that the weekend before Thanksgiving would be a big one at the box-office and was I ever so right. Why? With four new releases and prior flicks all vying for moviegoers and their attention, it was a sequel to a wizardry tale that would be victorious. “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” had a magical opening to the tune of $62 million to claim the top spot at the box-office over “The Grinch.”

However, don’t feel too bad for the animated flick because it managed to nab second place with $38.2 million. In just 10 days, “The Grinch” has already crossed the $100 million mark at the domestic box-office; the flick has earned over $126 million. “Bohemian Rhapsody” fell to third place with $15.7 million to bring its domestic tally to just under $130 million after 3 weeks in theaters.

Nabbing fourth place was the dramedy “Instant Family” starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne with $14.7 million, while the heist thriller “Widows” starring Viola Davis rounded out the top five. “Widows” which I expected to have a stronger outing had a dim $12.3 million debut during its opening weekend.

Expect more competition in theaters as Thanksgiving arrives with two sequels, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and the highly anticipated “Creed II” arrives in theaters. I’m happy that November is slowly coming to an end because awards season is about to kick-off and it’s my favorite time of the year.