SANTA MONICA—An ‘I (Heart) Dad’ monument, designed by DJ Neff and sponsored by Toyota Camry, will be exhibited at Santa Monica Pier from June 16-22 in honor of Father’s Day. The California, cultivated wood sourced monument was built by Venice Wordworks and stands 15-feet tall at its highest point and is nearly 30 feet long.

Toyota learned that people spend $7 billion more on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. “A lot of times I feel that Father’s day is something we don’t make a big deal about, but dads are just as important as moms,” noted Caitlin Wachs, a production assistant for the campaign.

Following the “One Bold Choice Leads to Another” marketing campaign, Toyota is honoring fathers at the world-famous pier. The main element of the campaign is a short film, “Father’s Day Redo,” directed by Ivan Cash which showcases Los Angeles based street interviews with touching moments between children and their fathers.

Toyota sparked the conversation about fathers during Super Bowl XLIX. “We were excited to hear that we really got Americans to think about their dads during this year’s Super Bowl,” said Jack Hollis, group vice president of marketing, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. “What better way to continue that connection than by starting a timely, new conversation on Father’s Day.”

Visitors are encouraged to take pictures with the monument. Toyota also provided Instaprint, a technology that allows guests to immediately print their Instagram photos on location by adding #oneboldchoice. The campaign has over 1,000 tags on Instagram to date.

The monument and printing technology is available until Monday, June 22.