FLORIDA-This past April, the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind hosted the 25th Annual Mr. and Mrs. FSDB pageant, where for the first time, student workers managed the entire production of the show.


The pageant took place on April 3, at the schools Kirk Auditorium. The auditorium according to attendees was transformed into a beautiful stage, with garlands and lights in order to make it a night to remember. 

This year’s theme, was chosen to be “A Night of Sweet Memories” and 24 competitors from the Deaf and Blind schools where chosen to compete. For this year’s competition, Joe Bruce served as the master of the ceremony, providing interviews and introductions as well.


Female contestants were judged on scholastic ability, an interview, appearance and overall talent. Male contestants were only judged on scholastic ability, appearance and an on-stage interview.

Nicolas Owen, class of 2016 from Palm City won Mr. FSDB and Katie Inman, class of 2015 from Atlantic
Beach won Miss FSDB for the Blind High School. For the Deaf schools, Jonathan Maldonado, class of 2014 from West Palm Beach and Haley Bourque class of 2014 from Green Acres took home the win. There has been no announcement yet on when next year’s event will take place.