HOLLYWOOD—It looks like “The Bold and the Beautiful” is looking to halt the drama a bit, by turning the focus on the upcoming nuptials for Ridge and Brooke. As much as I love “B&B,” this is a soap that is known for amplifying its level of drama to put an immediate halt on things that leaves one wondering: why? I mean the truth about Bill and Steffy sleeping together was a game changer, but even worse was the fallout.

Liam was shattered, Steffy, Brooke, Ridge and even Bill want Liam to forgive Steffy and stand by her side in the midst of this discretion. I’m not certain why EVERYONE is putting pressure on Liam. Yes, we all know he has a child on the way, but his wife slept with his FATHER that is not an easy pill to swallow! I mean the galls on Steffy, Ridge and Brooke to insist Liam attend the nuptials with Steffy in tow (acting as if nothing happened is unfathomable).

With Hope well aware of Steffy’s discretion this only opens the door for a reunion that should have happened eons ago with Liam. I’ve always thought Hope and Liam should be together, and if Bill hadn’t meddled they would have. Making the situation worse is that Hope laid into Steffy about her betrayal and even alluded that if she loses Liam it’s her own fault. While Hope didn’t come out and say she was going after Liam, it was hinted. She still has competition from Sally who has also been a shoulder for Liam to lean on. All these women vying for Liam’s attention, just as it’s clear that something might be brewing between Wyatt and Katie.

I mean Thorne came into town driven to break-up Ridge and Brooke, but out of nowhere, the brothers have called a truce, and the writers seems to be pushing a potential pairing between Katie and Thorne. This leaves Wyatt open to pursue Hope people, because that interaction between the two last week was interesting to say the least. I can’t wait to see Hope and Quinn actually have a chat; we already know these two ladies are NOT fans of one another, and with all the madness Quinn caused for Hope, who lost a child courtesy of Quinn, I don’t ever see these two ladies becoming friends.

With the impending nuptials fast-moving, we got countless montages of old memories between Ridge and Brooke, unfortunately fans didn’t really see the iconic moments because that would mean Ronn Moss would have to be back in the picture people. Yes, I’m talking about the guy who actually created the role of Ridge Forrester. Gotta say the constant begging from Steffy is becoming a bit annoying. She should take a cue from Liam and give him time to process his emotions and how he feels. Constantly clamoring the guy to just forgive you as if nothing happened is only pushing him into the arms of another woman Steffy.

It’s no secret that Liam loves Steffy, but with his one true love returning to the picture, it complicates things far more than Brooke, Ridge and anyone else could have ever expected. I mean Brooke, seriously, you should want your daughter to be with Liam, but for reasons I cannot fathom you are behaving otherwise.