HOLLYWOOD─Well, let the drama ensue because secrets are being unearthed on “The Young and Restless.” Good news for fans, the soap has been renewed for another 4 years, which means we’ll see many of our favorite characters at least until 2024. With that said, the big secret of the hour is that Summer and Kyle shared a smooch on their business excursion. Yes, Kyle was tempted and he gave into temptation.

Making matters worse, Theo, the guy who has been a thorn’s in Kyle’s side for months, happened upon that secret. Yes, Theo overheard Kyle and Summer discussing that kiss they shared. You know what this means, expect trouble in Kyle and Lola’s marriage to explode. I mean the newlyweds were already having a bit of trouble, but this will take things to a new level, exactly what Theo wants. How so? He has been angling Lola for weeks and the two have built a strong friendship over similar interests.

Too bad Kyle dropped the bomb on Lola himself before anyone else could do it. Lola was livid, Kyle is questioning his marriage and Theo and Summer both think they have a chance with the one they actually care for. It looks like February has finally kicked up the drama and storytelling aspect on the soap which has been slow as of late. I never thought in a matter of days though that Kyle and Lola’s marriage would crumble, but that is precisely what happened people. After less than a year of marriage, Kyle and Lola are dunzo, so what does this mean for Summer and Theo.

Victoria and Billy severed ties in the midst of his dishonesty and constant conversations with Amanda Sinclair instead of the woman who is to be his love. We know Amanda has been tracking someone or keeping careful tabs on someone. Who, the audience finally discovered this week is her ex Ripley, who has some stalker like qualities that Amanda is not fond of. Hmmm, for this to be the big bomb after all this secrecy, totally disappointed me America.

The audience also learned that it was Victor who hired a PI to snap those pics of Amanda and Billy without their knowledge. Ugh, I so wanted this secret to be bigger than what it turned out to be, and if Victor did all this to pry Victoria away from Billy yet again, it’s time to place the mustache on the back burner or actually give the character a meaty storyline that will have fans salivating over.

I thought Abby and Chance were about to become a couple, but it looks like Phyllis has her eyes on Chance, and it seems like he might be interested in her. Ok, this is an odd one, but let’s see where things go people. Again that was a quick turn-around as Abby and Chance slept together and it seems he has made his choice, and Phyllis is ok with it after learning about Sharon’s health crisis.

We all know that Phyllis is only after Chance to find out what secret he has with Adam Newman. This is important because Chelsea has been questioning Adam and Chance’s relationship and she overheard his recent conversation about that mystery woman posing ‘questions.’ Chelsea always gives Adam the benefit of the doubt, but every single time, she ends up regretting it because he continues to betray her trust. So this is NOW the big secret that will keep viewers interested as we try to find out what is going on.

While Tessa is away on tour, Mariah might be finding a potential love interest in Kirby. I must say it’s not a bad idea to shakeup their relationship a bit considering how many times Tessa has lied to Mariah. Mariah has more pressing issues worrying about Sharon and her breast cancer battle, not to mention losing her job after Devon dropped the bomb.

Sharon has been tight-lipped on her diagnosis with only Rey, Nick, Faith and Mariah knowing about her diagnosis. I’m surprised not everyone has discovered the secret, except for Phyllis that woman is a viper when it comes to discovering a secret. So it looks like narratives are building up and I’m interested in “Y&R” again people!