HOLLYWOOD—Lots of action, and I mean lots of action has taken place on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” during the month of February. At long last we learned why John Black was poisoning his pal Steve, but at the same time, the level of stress of John’s actions has placed Steve and Kayla in a bad predicament. Patch is already without one eye, and it looks like those drugs that John injected into Steve’s body are starting to impact his remaining eye.

If that wasn’t enough guilt for John to face, knowing that he placed Billie in the crossfire of getting shot, in addition to having Kate lash out at him as a result, has Mr. Black grappling with a lot. I’m really trying to fathom how John is going to bounce back from this, but wrong is wrong and if anything he should be facing some sort of criminal charges for his actions. If Steve does lose his sight as a result of John’s actions, I don’t think Kayla will ever forgive him, even though Steve has swept everything under the rug as it was no big deal. There is indeed other mayhem taking place in the town of Salem.

Claire finally got the deeds on that secret Ciara and Tripp were keeping from her and she went to extreme lengths to gather that detail. I might not love Claire, but I have to say the tactic she used was fun to see play out. The news was difficult for Claire to grapple with, as a result she shared with Marlena (who I forgot was her grandmother) that Rafe cheated on Hope with Sami. Yes, the secret that has been kept under wraps for a few months is starting to spread. And how ironic would it be in the soap arena that the big reveal would take place at a wedding of all places. This is something that is a staple that so many people forget about; in the soap world never ever expect a wedding to go off without a hitch, if it does it’s a rare occurrence.

Rafe and Hope decided to tie the knot with the Justice of the Peace before their big day in front of friends and family courtesy of Julie. Well, cue in Claire to drop the bomb on her grandmother, yes, I know this might be confusing, but Hope is Claire’s grandmother as well. As a result, she delivered the news to Hope on her big day that left her reeling. Yeah, Hope was at a loss of words and couldn’t believe what she was being told. Ciara was furious at her niece (yeah, they’re the same age people). That led to a celebration turning into an absolute fiasco America, just utter chaos spilled all over the place, with Hope embarrassed and Rafe trying to plead his case. Why, oh why, “Days of Our Lives” fanatics wasn’t Sami Brady at this festive event? I mean I would have loved to see Hope deliver a slap or two to her face.

Of course, we have to discuss the other elephant in the room involving Stefan and Abigail. Yes, many viewers have been eager to learn the identity of the person responsible for Andre DiMera’s murder. I had an instinct that Abigail knew much more about what transpired than she was willing to reveal to the world. However, after she stumbled into Stefan’s room late at night with Gabi’s ID badge and the murder weapon, it confirmed all my suspicions. Abigail was the one who murdered Andre, only she did it disguised as her pal Gabi. When Stefan asked the mystery lady to turn around he was stunned to see he was looking at Abigail. So it appears Abigail has taken on another identity, Gabi, and this notion that all is well with her isn’t quite the case.

Well this works perfectly for Stefan. Why? Well he has a torch for Abi and the fact that he can be her hero in the wings, protecting the truth about her mental disorder coming back to the foray. Vivian stumbled upon Abigail in her new disguise and things got violent as she attacked Vivian with a fire poker. Audiences should NOT expect this woman to stay quiet with this information. I mean Chad has no idea, neither does J.J., Jennifer or anyone close in her circle. So imagine the fallout when the actual truth about her involvement in Andre’s demise comes to light. Gabi is going to be furious because she has been placed through the legal ringer yet again (this time for a crime that she did NOT commit).

Speaking of Gabi she is getting closer and closer to discovering that Eli and Lani shared a night of passion when she stopped J.J. from committing suicide. Eli has sworn to secrecy regarding the bundle of joy that Lani is holding, and with a wedding on the cusp, it could blow up in her fact at any given time. The situation is not helped with Valerie constantly reminding her son that letting another man raise his child is not admirable. Yeah, Eli is starting to think about it more and more. If the truth comes out he loses Gabi, and J.J. will likely lose Lani. The largest question that remains now on “Days of Our Lives” is just why, oh, why do so many people keep secrets suspecting that it will never come to light? Some people just never learn.