WEST HOLLYWOOD—The city of West Hollywood announced in a press release on Wednesday, December 13 that they have started development of a municipal fiber network. The initial phases of West Hollywood’s fiber network (fiber-optic internet) are now complete.

The city reported that with its Information Technology Division and a collaborative private-public partnership with Plenary Americas and Digital Ubiquity Capital, West Hollywood is exploring expansion of the city’s fiber network for a growth phase of connectivity. The goal is to provide community digital equity with affordable high-speed internet connectivity.

The city is asking for the community to participate in a survey to garner their feedback. Residents and business members are asked to participate in the survey, available in English, Spanish, and Russian. The survey is open now and will remain open through Wednesday, January 17, 2024. It will take approximately ten minutes to complete. As part of the survey, participants will be asked about connection speed using a speed test link.

Data collected will be used to explore broadband access options and will not be sold. To learn more and take part in the survey at go.weho.org/broadband or visit West Hollywood’s Municipal Fiber Network website page with links to the survey at www.weho.org/services/municipal-fiber-network.

In 2016, West Hollywood adopted the Fiber Network Infrastructure and Service Strategic Plan. The plan outlined the major benefits of having a fast and affordable broadband infrastructure, including improved internet service, equitable access, public safety, economic development, healthcare, and Smart City applications, and set forth a plan to develop a series of initiatives that leverage technology and improve quality of life for community members.

For additional details contact Eugene Tsipis, West Hollywood’s Information Technology Manager, at (323) 848-6399 or at etsipis@weho.org. For people who are Deaf or hard of hearing call TTY (323) 848-6496.